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02 Jul 2016 20:54 #37955 by garfi3ld

V19 group seating will open up at 6pm Wednesday, July 6th with a different post here on our forums. For our last event, we did this as well, but it was too popular so we have a few limitations that we have to add to make sure we still have open seating.
- We have limited the tables that can be held
- Group sizes now need to be 6 people or larger
Just like last time we will need one group leader to post up on the post when it’s made on July 6th. Of the seats left they are first come first serve, I go by the post time (or edit time, whichever is later). I need the group name and the exact seats that you need.

Once you have your groups seats added we won’t be able to add or remove seats, so make sure you have your group ready. Then on Friday, July 15th I will send the group leader a private registration link. The group leader will be responsible for getting each person registered. Once general registration opens up any seats that aren’t filled are open game.

I know that the new group size limitation sucks, but it will help us keep things fair for everyone. Also, if these aren’t the tables that your group is interested in, you can try your luck with general registration but keep in mind we sold out in less than 4 hours last time. Getting large groups seated together can be very hard in that situation.

So important dates for everyone to keep in mind
July 6th 6pm - group seating post goes live
July 15th – Group seating links go out to group leaders
July 17th 5pm – Registration opens up for everyone
September 10th 10am - PARTYTIME

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