Sapphire RX 7700 XT PURE

06 Sep 2023 16:32 #39008 by garfi3ld
Product Name: Sapphire RX 7700 XT PURE

To start the launch off I had the chance to check out the Sapphire RX 7700 XT Pulse which is their budget-focused card and a stock-clocked card. I also took a look at the overclocked XFX QICK 319 RX 7700 XT Black. Well, now I’ve got the Sapphire RX 7700 XT PURE which sits in between Sapphire’s Pulse and Nitro+ lineups. It is an overclocked card and it also improves on the Pulse with a third fan and a larger cooler but most exciting is this is a white color scheme card from Sapphire. They did bring out the RX 6950 XT PURE which was partially white but still had black fans. White cases and white builds have been popular for a long time now, it is exciting to see Sapphire finally jumping in with their own option. So I’m going to check out what the RX 7700 XT PURE is all about, put it to the test in our test suite, and then we can see how it fits in the market!



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