Intel i9-9900K

19 Oct 2018 09:01 #38572 by garfi3ld
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Product Name: Intel i9-9900K
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About a week and a half ago Intel gathered up a lot of the press and live streamed the introduction of their new 9000 series of CPUs as well as new Core-X CPUs. They also brought out details on the 28 core CPU that they teased earlier this year. We had a chance to dive into the details and then check out the new CPUs being used in a variety of demos including some overclocking demos showing off their new soldered TIM. By now I’m guessing most of you have seen some of those details but today I’m going to run through what Intel introduced and then after that I’m going to put the new i9-9900K through our tests and see how the new 8 core CPU performs. It’s been a busy month for big launches and this one has been a long time coming, I can’t wait to see how it performs compared to the growing competition from AMD so let's get into it!



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25 Feb 2019 23:03 #38633 by TheRyGuy
Replied by TheRyGuy on topic Intel i9-9900K
Thanks for the thorough review!

Interestingly enough, I have the 9900k in the Fractal Design Meshify C Mini paired with a Noctua NH-D15S + Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. After undervolting the CPU, I get a max temp of 64° C, while using MSI Kombustor CPU Burner. I'll also try Prime95 and AIDA64, to make sure things are still good.

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