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06 Nov 2010 18:39 #11947 by Wingless92
In the new Wingless Game Center you'll be able to find the latest gaming news going on in the industry. I have been playing games all the way back to the NES. I have been around for a long time and I love gaming. Hopefully by reading my previews/news you'll have a one stop shop for all of your gaming news. If there are certain aspects that you'll like covered let me know, i'll try my best. I for one love Steam. It's the Defacto standard for PC games. Each week the Steam & Game Stats list will be posted. Seems kinda interesting what our favorite PC platform is doing.
I will also be covering all a platforms. PC/Xbox/PS3/Wii/DS/PSP/iPhone/Android/Browser based games. They will all be covered here.
Thanks for looking and i'll have more coming soon.

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