unanswered Seagate FreeAgent Go 320gb

03 Nov 2010 07:54 #10913 by garfi3ld

IMG_5267 [lr] [lrsm]When it comes to storing and transporting your data there are a few options. Unfortunately floppy discs just don't work well with the needs of people today. USB Flash drives continue to grow reaching up to 128Gb's for a price (a 256gb model was just announced also) . But at least for now the only way to keep all of your photos with you are portable hard drives. When it comes to hard drives Seagate is obviously one of the big names, and with their Free Agent product line you can get just about any size and color that you would like. Today I will be taking a look at their FreeAgent Go 320 Gb drive, one of their portable hard drives.



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