Compute Benchmarks

Now some people don’t need a video card for gaming, they need the processing power for rendering or 2D/3D production, or in some cases people who game also do work on the side. So it is also important to check out the compute performance on all of the video cards that come in. That includes doing a few different tests. My first test was a simple GPU Compute benchmark using Passmark’s Performance Test 9 and the XFX MERC 319 RX 6800 XT topped the chart with 12580 points over the 12402 of the RTX 3080 Founders Edition.


In Basemark it didn’t have the same result. The OpenGL performance was, like the 5000 series cards, very bad. But the 6800 XT did well on the DirectX 12 test, but not well enough to pass the RTX 3080’s.


Blender is always my favorite compute benchmark because the open-source 3D rendering software is very popular and it isn’t a synthetic benchmark. Here I render two scenes and combine the total time it takes. The 5700 XT struggled when compared to Nvidia on this but here the 6800 XT does extremely well with it taking 111 seconds for both together. This is still a little slower than both RTX 3080’s but an impressive jump in performance from the RX 5700 XT even. You nearly halve your time even upgrading from the last gen card.


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