No huge changes on the packaging for the new RX590 Fatboy. The box has a picture of the card on the front with the XFX logo up top. The red strip has all of the other important information including the model name. The only real change here is the new Fatboy model name that is done in an old school font that reminds me a lot of the ACDC album “The Razors Edge”. Around back XFX has a short features list but most of them are just your normal AMD listed features, they aren’t their card specific. The exception to that are the three highlighted up at the top that talk about the fan designs as well as the heatpipes.

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Inside of the packaging is a cardboard box with the XFX logo embossed into the top. When you open that up you will find yet another box sitting up on top. Then below that, they have a few documents that are sitting on top of the card itself which is wrapped in a static protective bag. The box that sat at the top is tapped closed and I thought it was empty, even after opening it. But there is a second layer inside where you will find a few accessories so make sure to dig in there to find those.

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So what does the RX590 Fatboy come with? Well for documentation you get an installation guide that on the back has a warranty card built in. That card has a copy of the same information that is on the sticker on your card for quick access. There is a note explaining that you should download the latest driver if possible, I highly agree. The driver on driver discs can be way out of date and cause problems. Then there was a piece of paper showing how to use AMD's Wattman to overclock your card even farther than the included clock speed. For accessories, you get two different PCIe power adapters. One turns two Molex connections into a 6-pin power and the other turns two 6-pin PCI powers into one 8-pin. I always recommend to avoid using these, but if you are in a bind you can use them temporarily to get your system up and running. Then there is, of course, the driver disc.

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