Well if you saw my RTX 2080 Ti review there won’t be too many surprised in this and the next section. But for those who didn’t, the packaging on the RTX 2080 Founders Edition ended up having the same box design with the exception of a completely new print job with the bent line design. It is also going to take a while to get used to seeing the RTX logo in the green strip on the front and side where the GTX used to be, but I like that Nvidia kept things consistent there, it should look good on the shelf next to the 10 Series GTX cards.

image 1

image 2

When you pull the top off the box the card greats you front and center. I love these boxes because they hold the card up in the middle and when you open it up it feels like something special. Nvidia even went as far as to drop the old-school static bag that you can’t see through and to use transparent plastic. You take it off at the back so it isn’t as reusable, but it lets you see the card perfectly when you open it all up. The card sits in foam that holds it level and there is more foam up in the top of the box that locks it all in place. There is also a pullout box behind the card. Inside is a support guide and a quick start guidebook that is really thick. The Founders Edition card also comes with a DisplayPort to DVI connector that anyone with an older monitor will need, that’s right everyone is moving away from DVI, remember that for your next monitor purchase!

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