Overall and Final Verdict

So going into this I already had a decent idea of where the RX 460 Slim would perform given our previous testing of the RX 460. The 4 gigs of vRAM did help performance a little in a few situations, though I’m not sure it is completely worth the extra cost. The 460 Slim ends up being a simple card that is going to run all of your “eSports” titles like CS:GO, Overwatch, DOTA 2, and LoL all at over 60 FPS with enough performance to play today's box office titles with the settings turned down a little as long as you are playing at 1080p or lower. It doesn’t blow away the competition and it's not going to be future proof at all. But what it does do really well is provide a very unique solution for builds that need a single slot card with a little performance without having to pull everything off and watercool the card. XFX went all the way back to the R9 7000 series cards for the cooler design and while it might be older it keeps the card cool and runs surprisingly quiet. The design has the all metal shroud design like the 7000 series cards had and it just makes me miss having that on XFX cards. It also runs without the need for any power connections, pulling power from the PCI bus, making it a good option for someone looking to game on their old OEM PC without having to rebuild everything.

The cooling performance didn’t match the Gigabyte RX 460, but for a single slot card, I’m not going to complain at all. Really my issue was only with the price, but I think that is because XFX just released this card only a few weeks ago where the other RX 460’s have had time to drop a little. It is selling for $139.99 where a few of the other 4GB cards are about $20 less. Of course, none of those are single slot cards, so they can charge a little more. I think a 2GB option might have been the better way to go, the extra vRAM wasn’t really worth the extra cost and it would help keep the price down on a card that is basically specifically made for people who are looking for a cheap upgrade to their budget OEM PC.


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