I bet a lot of you don’t even know it, but it really wasn’t all that long ago that single slot cards were all that was available. Now, though, even the low-end cards take up two slots with their coolers. That said, there are still reasons to need a single slot video card. Some cases will only support them, though that has gotten a lot better. Your configuration might not have any two slots together, or maybe you need to upgrade a small OEM build that was never built for having a dedicated card at all. No matter the reason, getting a single slot card can sometimes be hard, especially if you actually want good performance. Because of that XFX recently introduced their RX 460 Slim that is packed neatly into a single slot configuration and doesn’t need a power connection at all. So today I’m going to check out the card and then run it through our testing to see how it performs.

Product Name: XFX RX 460 4GB Slim

Review Sample Provided by: XFX

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Link: HERE


Model Number RX-460P4TFG5
Bus Type PCI-E 3.0
GPU Clock 1220MHz
Stream Processors 896
Memory Bus 128 bit
Memory Clock 7.0 GHz
Memory Size 4 GB
Memory Type DDR5
Card Profile Single Slot
Outputs Displayport
Display Port 1.4
HDMI Ready 2.0b
Minimum Power Supply Requirement 400 watt
Card Dimension

cm: 17 x 12.1 x 4

in: 6.69 x 4.76 x 1.57

Package Contents Driver Disk
Warranty Card

So just to be sure that ur card has the same specifications as XFX has listed I always get a GPUz image. With that, we can see that it is running at the 1220 MHz that they have advertised and has the 4 gigs of vRAM. This also lets you get a look at the firmware version and driver version tested with as well.



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