Synthetic Benchmarks

Much like the XFX R7790, the Gigabyte HD 7790 1 GB OC came in above the GTX 650 Ti Boost reference card and below the overclocked MSI card in our 3DMark Fire Strike testing. You will notice that we don’t have Fire Strike Extreme results in a graph. Just like with the XFX card we had what seemed like a drive issue that gave results slower than the HD 7750 that we tested. It’s important for you guys to know that there are still driver issues here and there, especially because as of this writing the general AMD driver didn’t have support for the 7790 yet, running a driver that is different from the standard build is bound to have issues.


In Unreal’s Heaven 4.0 benchmark the Gigabyte HD 7790 1Gb OC’s results are almost spot on with the XFX R7790 and well above what we saw from the GTX 650 Ti Boost’s reference design, the overclocked MSI version did perform much better though with 4 more FPS.


In 3DMark 11 we saw results just below the XFX card once again. In the performance benchmark it’s great to see the Gigabyte HD 7790 1 GB OC coming in just below the HD 7850 and just above the reference GTX 650 Ti Boost. Even more interesting is to see the Gigabyte HD 7790 1GB OC’s results besting the numbers we saw from the HD6970 back at its launch! In the Extreme benchmark the results are similar but cards with more than the 1GB in memory did perform better.




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We take a look at a second HD 7790, this time from Gigabyte!

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