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Right off the bat, you can see that the WD Black SN750 has a new look for the packaging. This is part of the push for the Black line to be more gaming focused. The box is all black and then in the background, they have WD Black in a gloss black then on top of that is a large photo of the all black M.2 drive. In other words, the box is more an example of how to use different finishes while sticking with the Johnny Cash all black look. They did put the estimated read speed here and they have the drive capacity up in the top corner. Our sample is a 1TB model just like the previous WD Black. Around on the back of the box, there is a lot more… black. There is another picture of the drive and mostly just the same stuff that you could see on the front. They do mention the 5-year warranty back here and that the drive uses 3D NAND. There is also a window that gives us a look at the drive itself in the box so the serial number can be seen and scanned.

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Inside the box, the drive comes in a clear plastic tray with another tray over top of it. Then for documentation, they did include a bundle of papers tapped together. This includes a list of support contact numbers and more information on the warranty in multiple languages.

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aesthetics for M.2 drives can be extremely limited. They aren’t like SATA SSDs where you could change the casing design. The basic drive here still has to fit the same form factor and when it comes to laptops that includes thickness so even adding a headspreader or heatsink isn’t always an option. But WD is actually going that direction for the SN750 in the near future. They have a heatsinked design of this exact drive coming this spring and they worked with EKWB on the design. But for now, the non-heatsink design basically has two things that can be done for aesthetics. You can change the PCB color which WD has already gone with black on this and previous M.2 black drives for obvious reasons. The other option is the sticker that goes on top. The previous WD Black’s sticker was similar to the old box with a mostly black design but with white trim. They changed things up here with an all black sticker as well as the new WD_BLACK logo. It still has all of the other info you need like the model and serial number barcodes as well as the model name and capacity. But it is all toned down in a grey with just a few things in the brighter white.

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The WD Black SN750 is a single sided drive so the back of the drive has nothing at all going on other than the flat black PCB.

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Let's pull that sticker off and have a look under it to see what all the SN750 has going on. The layout is exactly the same as the 2018 WD Black. You have the NAND chips on both ends. Then the smaller chip 2nd from the left DRAM and the controller is to the right of that. In fact, I pulled up a picture of the last years model and I couldn’t find anything different with the PCB as well, other than the U16 label is moved and the U1 label is missing altogether. There are a few resisters at the controller that are moved a hair closer to the controller as well.

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But let's take a closer look at the chips to see what WD went with. The DRAM is the same SK Hynix DDR4 running at 2400MHz H5AN8G6NAFR is there to handle the address translation table. The controller looks to be the same SanDisk 20-82-007011 controller that is made in house that was used last year. Then for the NAND, it has SanDisk branding with a model number of 06560 or 8456DVGNQ0Q3. The 06560 is the same designation as the previous WD Black. The NAND on our 1TB sample has the same 512GB capacity per chip as well. Now the WD Black SN750 does have a 2TB model coming out and that specific model has 1TB NAND chips to keep the drive a single-sided design.

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