The box for the Lian Li SP850 has the same light blue trim that Lian Li has used on their other products and there is a black background as well but they have changed that up to a starry sky with some smoke or clouds as well. Then they have a picture of the Lian Li SP850 which I love that the picture is included and was surprised that they have a box for each of the two color variations, the white and black models. The Lian Li logo is small up in the top left corner and the SP850 model name is the largest font and in the bottom left. Below that they do mention a few features like the 80 Plus Gold rating, zero RPM fan mode, and the white aluminum housing. The top right corner repeats the 80 Plus Gold rating with the logo and next to that is a badge for the 5-year warranty as well. The back of the box has another picture of the Lian Li SP850, this time showing the fan side, as well as the modular connections, and I, love that that picture also shows the PSU’s dimensions as well. Next to that, they have pictures of each of the power connections along with their names and quantity. Those pictures also clue us in that the wiring is white to match the SP850 as are the connections. Lian Li also slipped in performance graphs and a small AC/DC input to output table on the bottom edge of the box as well. This shows the power efficiency and the graph shows us that the fan doesn’t turn on until just under 340 watts.

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Inside of the box, the SP850 comes wrapped up in plastic and then is sitting in between two foam panels that are carved out to hold it and keep it safe. Next to that, you have all of the modular cables which come in a soft drawstring bag which is great to see. A lot of power supplies aren’t coming with any cable storage anymore and unless you keep all of your boxes it is nice to have something to keep any extra cables in even if it is a basic plastic bag.

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For documentation, you get a thank you card which has contact information on it, and a small single page folded up for the user manual. Alongside the cable bag, there is a small plastic baggie as well which has the four mounting screws. I’m surprised that Lian Li went with chromed screws but they do match the white somewhat.

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