AverMedia Game Capture HD

titleThere have been moments in time where I have performed the impossible. Moments when I have slayed entire hordes of enemies with no health or mana, moments when I have scored the last second touchdown to win the Super Bowl, and moments when I have done silly things not meant for the eyes of minors. These moments have all been lost in time and no one seems to believe that they actually happened. With the Game Capture HD from AverMedia this will never happen again. The Game Capture HD looks to be an easy to use capture card for console gamers. It requires no internal installation and is incredibly easy to set up. This capture device is an alternative to cards that go into your PC, and while you may not be able to get 1080p quality videos, it is certainly much less daunting to set up and use.

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A look back at 2012's top picks

top2012We have made it through another year. This year we published 116 reviews ranging from phones to computer components and beyond.  Of those reviews we had a few that stood out enough at the time of publishing to earn an Editor’s Choice Award. This is a little different than our Top Honors or Recommended awards. Top Honors, for example, is given to a product that had at most a trivial issue that we could list as a fault and Recommended is anything that we would still recommend if you are on the market. Editor’s Choice on the other hand means that I would pick the product up for myself; a few times we had products with faults that still fell into this category. Today I’m going to look back and see what I’m still using and if things have changed.

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Happy Thanksgiving from LanOC Reviews

thanksgivingWe just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. This year the secret that us gamers have is that with Dreamhack Winter starting, there will be more than enough E-Sports for everyone to enjoy throughout the day. For those of you who aren't interested in watching football this is a great alternative. Have a great holiday for those of you who are in the states, we will be back up and running tomorrow morning with a fresh review of the Thecus N5550 before we duck out early for a Black Friday LAN with the VW Turks. 

Rapture Game Studios

titleThose who have been to one of our LAN parties know that our location is central to many larger cities, Fort Wayne being one. We’ve attended a few LAN events in that area, including one hosted by member Reaper from Fort Wayne Gamers. It was exciting enough to hear that John had volunteered his coding expertise for an indie game studio just on the heels of releasing their first game, but we were even more so when we learned the studio was local, operating out of Fort Wayne. We quickly made contact, and were invited to sit in during one of their weekly meetings.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

nbcam copyThose that know me best are aware that my passion for electronic gaming goes behind just playing them. I’m an advocate for video games and the industry they are born in. Amidst a society that is constantly looking for scapegoats, the bright side of that industry is often masked by constant, unjustified blame. This is one of the many reasons I get excited when I see groups such as Child’s Play and Extra Life using video games as a means to raise money for very worthy causes. One that hits very close to home for my family is the fight against breast cancer.

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Mid Ohio Comic Con 2012

titleA whole room packed full of people who share similar interests, dress up in amazing Cosplay, and different artist and stars available to meet. For some of you Comic Con isn’t anything new. Those from large cities like LA are used to having a local Comic Con. Those of us in the middle of nowhere typically don’t have events like this. Lucky for me, a few hours away we do have the Mid-Ohio Comic Con once a year. Alex and I took the day and went down to check out what it was all about this weekend. As you can expect, we came back with lots of photos of the Cosplay and just maybe a few story’s as well.

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Systemax Ohio Factory Tour

titleYou know typically being based out of Ohio doesn’t have a lot of upsides. We are normally extremely far away from just about anyone in the industry. There is one exception to this though. You guys may have heard of a company by the name of Systemax, if not you have heard of one of their subsidiaries, Tiger Direct. Systemax’s Ohio factory literally is a giant facility in the middle of cornfields and small towns. I don’t think you could get a more stereotypical representation of what Ohio is to most people. That being said, I jumped at the chance to finally get a peek inside of this random factory that I had come across in the past out in the country. 

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EDIMAX N300 Universal Wi-Fi Extender

titleWe have all run into the issue at one point or another, you are running on Wi-Fi and you have a perfect signal all the way until you get to where you need to be and BAM nothing. I run into this issue when trying to work at the back of my house on the patio as well as in my bathroom. This prevents me from streaming music in the bathroom when needed and from working outside on nice days. A big portion of this is the placement of my router, but due to where my cable is installed it’s not really an easy fix. When I heard about EDIMAX’s new Wi-Fi extender, I was excited that I might have finally found an easy fix. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about and see if it was able to take care of our problem!

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I am USB 3.0

titleIt’s really crazy to think that it’s been over 16 years now since USB 1.0 was released. Even looking back to USB 2.0 in April of 2000 it’s been 12 years that we have been living with that 60 MB/s theoretical speed.  I can’t even imagine how many hours, days, maybe even weeks; I have spent waiting for files to transfer in those 16 years. When USB 3.0 was introduced in 2008 I literally couldn’t wait for the day I would finally be able to fully take advantage of the speeds that USB 3.0 brought to the table. Today for the first time I can say that I am taking full advantage. I’m going invite you all in to see what I am using to do this.

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SteelSeries Desmo

titleWe have taken a look at glasses from a few different manufactures that claim to help relieve eye strain while working on your PC. From our experience they can be very helpful as long as you can get over the yellow tint that they all have. Even then the designs we have seen have resembled normal glasses or in one case even they looked just like a pair of hunting glasses. The problem with that is when you’re trying to game with your headset on they can still become uncomfortable. SteelSeries has been working with Gunnar glasses to design a few pair of glasses designed specifically to be comfortable with your headset on. Today we will be taking a look at one of those glasses called the SteelSeires Desmo. We know how the glasses perform but will they be comfortable for gamers? Let’s find out!

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I play LoL; What should I know about Dota 2?

frontThe Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre is still relatively young and gaining popularity quickly. Though still in beta, Dota 2 has generated a lot of attention in the past couple of months, having been the spotlight of a million dollar international tournament and in and out of court over the rights to the name Defense of the Ancients. If you’re thinking about trying DoTA or Dota 2, here’s what you should know coming from Summoner’s Rift.

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HornetTek Fantasy

headerNaming a product after the subject of a Ludacris song definitely garners up images of fast cars, hot women, and wealth. Does the Fantasy from HornetTek live up to my fantasies of a personal media player, and is it something you should consider adding to your already crowded home entertainment system? Read on to find out!

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Beyond the Typical Light Show

LOD HeaderMerry Christmas to everyone! Being a geek, I find it extremely fascinating the various ways people who are of the geek persuasion celebrate the holidays. We do not just go purchase inflatable Santa Clauses on motorcycles and Rudolphs in helicopters to garnish our yards. We also do not just string a bunch of lights and call it quits. We engineer Christmas. Today, I would like to feature a local light display that is long on engineering. Lights on Douglas is an automated, synchronized to music, holiday light display. We go in-depth into the tech behind this type of display and talk to Dennis about how he makes something like this happen.

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Case Week Introduction

caseweektitleIt's been a long time since our last theme week but with Christmas coming in less than a week we thought we would go over a few cases that you may want to consider for your new PC components. Everyone asked for pc goodies right? With holiday steam sales coming up its also a good idea to get your pc ready for all the gaming your going to do in the new year. 

'Maximum Security' to Protect Your Gaming Addiction

finalheader1One of the really awesome aspects of being in the computer gaming hardware arena is looking at what people are doing in the terms of case modifications. Let me tell you, the feature that I have for you today is really quite special. Will at Custom Computer Creations agreed to let us bring his 'Maximum Security' build to you.

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Ergotron LX Triple Display Lift Stand

titleTechnology is rapidly evolving both in the gaming computer arena, as well as in many workstations. This evolution has created a slowly increasing demand for multiple monitor support. For those of you who have been running multiple monitors, like me, one of the biggest challenges is fitting them all on my desk. Another issue that is just as important is running multiple monitors without cluttering up your work area. The only way to do that is to do it with a multi monitor stand. Our friends over at Ergotron have been great to us and our friends with support for LANs. Today we have a chance to take a closer look at one of their stands to see what it’s all about, the LX Triple Display Lift Stand.

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Cytog's Blizzcon Adventure-

titleBlizzcon, the annual game fest celebrating all things Blizzard Entertainment has been going on since 2005. In my list of gaming events I want to (or have already) attended, it is up there with the likes of Comicon, Quakecon, and DreamHack. Unlike QC, this event is not free, so one must purchase a ticket during a limited sale. I attempted to purchase a ticket in 2010 and was not lucky enough to get one before they all sold out.

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Gamers Edge, iVisionwear

titleYou’ve seen “Gaming Glasses” before advertised around LAN party’s for the last few years but are they really worth it? We took a look at a pair of Gunners a while back HERE. The Gamers Edge and iVisionwear glasses are a cheaper alternative to your more expensive glasses. With many different configurations and style’s, they might just be what your looking for to gain that little edge that you need at your next LAN or gaming session. With two samples in for review we should be able to get a good idea of how well the lower priced Gamers Edge and iVisionwear glasses perform. 

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Configuring a LAN party network

titleNearly five years ago when we hosted our first LAN party we had no idea what to expect or any idea on how much it would grow in the future. Research online as far as what other LAN’s were using was one of the most helpful things. Because of that, as we prep for our 10th event I wanted to give everyone a look behind the scenes at our network. This should help give you an idea of what to start with if you plan on growing in the future.

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