SteelSeries Desmo

titleWe have taken a look at glasses from a few different manufactures that claim to help relieve eye strain while working on your PC. From our experience they can be very helpful as long as you can get over the yellow tint that they all have. Even then the designs we have seen have resembled normal glasses or in one case even they looked just like a pair of hunting glasses. The problem with that is when you’re trying to game with your headset on they can still become uncomfortable. SteelSeries has been working with Gunnar glasses to design a few pair of glasses designed specifically to be comfortable with your headset on. Today we will be taking a look at one of those glasses called the SteelSeires Desmo. We know how the glasses perform but will they be comfortable for gamers? Let’s find out!

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I play LoL; What should I know about Dota 2?

frontThe Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre is still relatively young and gaining popularity quickly. Though still in beta, Dota 2 has generated a lot of attention in the past couple of months, having been the spotlight of a million dollar international tournament and in and out of court over the rights to the name Defense of the Ancients. If you’re thinking about trying DoTA or Dota 2, here’s what you should know coming from Summoner’s Rift.

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HornetTek Fantasy

headerNaming a product after the subject of a Ludacris song definitely garners up images of fast cars, hot women, and wealth. Does the Fantasy from HornetTek live up to my fantasies of a personal media player, and is it something you should consider adding to your already crowded home entertainment system? Read on to find out!

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Beyond the Typical Light Show

LOD HeaderMerry Christmas to everyone! Being a geek, I find it extremely fascinating the various ways people who are of the geek persuasion celebrate the holidays. We do not just go purchase inflatable Santa Clauses on motorcycles and Rudolphs in helicopters to garnish our yards. We also do not just string a bunch of lights and call it quits. We engineer Christmas. Today, I would like to feature a local light display that is long on engineering. Lights on Douglas is an automated, synchronized to music, holiday light display. We go in-depth into the tech behind this type of display and talk to Dennis about how he makes something like this happen.

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Case Week Introduction

caseweektitleIt's been a long time since our last theme week but with Christmas coming in less than a week we thought we would go over a few cases that you may want to consider for your new PC components. Everyone asked for pc goodies right? With holiday steam sales coming up its also a good idea to get your pc ready for all the gaming your going to do in the new year. 

'Maximum Security' to Protect Your Gaming Addiction

finalheader1One of the really awesome aspects of being in the computer gaming hardware arena is looking at what people are doing in the terms of case modifications. Let me tell you, the feature that I have for you today is really quite special. Will at Custom Computer Creations agreed to let us bring his 'Maximum Security' build to you.

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Ergotron LX Triple Display Lift Stand

titleTechnology is rapidly evolving both in the gaming computer arena, as well as in many workstations. This evolution has created a slowly increasing demand for multiple monitor support. For those of you who have been running multiple monitors, like me, one of the biggest challenges is fitting them all on my desk. Another issue that is just as important is running multiple monitors without cluttering up your work area. The only way to do that is to do it with a multi monitor stand. Our friends over at Ergotron have been great to us and our friends with support for LANs. Today we have a chance to take a closer look at one of their stands to see what it’s all about, the LX Triple Display Lift Stand.

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Cytog's Blizzcon Adventure-

titleBlizzcon, the annual game fest celebrating all things Blizzard Entertainment has been going on since 2005. In my list of gaming events I want to (or have already) attended, it is up there with the likes of Comicon, Quakecon, and DreamHack. Unlike QC, this event is not free, so one must purchase a ticket during a limited sale. I attempted to purchase a ticket in 2010 and was not lucky enough to get one before they all sold out.

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Gamers Edge, iVisionwear

titleYou’ve seen “Gaming Glasses” before advertised around LAN party’s for the last few years but are they really worth it? We took a look at a pair of Gunners a while back HERE. The Gamers Edge and iVisionwear glasses are a cheaper alternative to your more expensive glasses. With many different configurations and style’s, they might just be what your looking for to gain that little edge that you need at your next LAN or gaming session. With two samples in for review we should be able to get a good idea of how well the lower priced Gamers Edge and iVisionwear glasses perform. 

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Configuring a LAN party network

titleNearly five years ago when we hosted our first LAN party we had no idea what to expect or any idea on how much it would grow in the future. Research online as far as what other LAN’s were using was one of the most helpful things. Because of that, as we prep for our 10th event I wanted to give everyone a look behind the scenes at our network. This should help give you an idea of what to start with if you plan on growing in the future.

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Thermaltake Battle Dragon Bag

titleWe try to make it out to as many LAN’s as possible every year on top of our own events. Because of that we have had a strong interest in finding different ways to make packing up your rig to make going to LAN’s easier. In the past we have taken a look at the difference between a SFF build and a laptop, looked at ways to pack your peripherals, and even a SFF build for my wife. The SFF build for my wife has been perfect, but none of our solutions have helped her be able to pack everything up easily and carry it all into a LAN in one trip. Thermaltake’s new dragon bag lets you pack everything but your PC in it, including your monitor. Finally a way to cut those loading and unloading trips down to one!

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Interview with Zotac USA President Sean Tang

zotactitleWe had the chance to speak with Zotac USA's President Sean Tang about the past, current, and future direction of operations of ZOTAC. Not only that we had a chance to get a little insight on their interest in events like GeforceLAN and even LanOC. Click to find out what he had to say. 

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GeforceLAN 6 LANing on a boat

geforcetitleHey guys sorry for the radio silence yesterday but I will give you guys a quick recap. We will be updating this post with our day to day coverage and also with links to other related coverage. Of course that is only if we come back. Gaming with 600+ people at one of the most epic events even could easily kill us, or cause us to go crazy. The good part is ether way it should be entertaining for you, the reader. Please post up and let us know what you think and even what you would like to see. If you do it soon enough we might even be able to help you out. 

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iRIP: Steve Jobs

frontjobsEarlier today, Apple announced the passing of Steve Jobs. If you visit Apple’s website or you will see Apple’s official statement on the incident.

This is a tragic day in the technology world. No one can argue the influence that Mr. Jobs has had on the technology industry, and the world would have been a much different place had he not existed. The man was a visionary.

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The Mouse is Dead! Long Live the Mouse!

The Mouse is Dead!  Long Live the Mouse!

LThe Mouse Is Dead!ate last week, Microsoft released the Windows Developer Preview, which is the first public release of anything relating to the project codenamed “Windows 8”.  This is the first look at what Microsoft really intends on doing with its next version of Windows.  It is designed to help application developers get their apps ready for the future of global computing.

This is a Mac user’s perspective…

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Mac OSX Lion and Why a PC Owner Should Care

apples-lionIs this not a website for PC enthusiasts who care about Windows and about gaming and modifications to their computers?· Yes, yes it is. But there are several reasons why the PC world should look towards Lion as a way that the entire PC world may end up going.

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TF2 free to play

freetf2Valve's Robin Walker had an interview with Develop Online today where he announced that Team Fortress 2 is now and will always be FREE. Being one of the biggest PC games in the past 10 years this is a big deal. It will be interesting to see how going free to play will affect future game play, but one thing is for sure. With free games popping up left and right, Steam is going to put up one hell of a fight to competition like EA's Origin.

Update, here is the video from valve

The PC Frank Lloyd Wright would have used

titleJeffrey Stephenson AKA: slipperyskip is no stranger to getting attention for his PC mods. A quick glance at his website shows 12 modding contest wins, appearances at 11 different conferences, 14 different write-ups on endgadget and gizmodo, 13 different magazine write-up's, and even an appearance on television. I don't think there are many more people in the modding community that can say they have done half as much! The most impressive thing is that his modding style is completely different than what anyone else is doing. With each of his builds he experiments with different materials to create PC's that would easily blend right in to a home 40, 50, 60 or more years ago. His latest build is called Usonian and for anyone that is a fan of architecture you will have a good idea of what he had in mind.

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PLAYSEAT Office - Elite

titleYou've built yourself a custom PC sparing no expense, you have two or three monitors setup on your desk, but yet something doesn’t feel right. That office chair you picked up just isn’t cutting it when compared to the rest of your setup. Up until now there just hasn’t been a chair that fits the bill and can truly be called 'epic'. A few years ago I spotted a chair that met those standards at PLAYSEAT’s booth and I wasted no time trying to get one in to check out. This November, after far too long in development, they offered that chair up for sale on their website. This has to be one of the coolest items we will cover all year, don't miss out!

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Best Build log ever?

IMG_0601Vector from over at PDXLan posted up what has to be one of the most entertaining build logs I have ever seen. I could easily see this becoming a trend with future build logs. I know I would love too see more! If you are getting ready to build or upgrade your PC, feel free to put together something creative like what Vector did. Post it up on our forums or send me an email via the Contact page and we will consider posting it up on our front page.

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