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Now that we have the TV Chair all together we can actually see what it’s all about and what sets it apart from the DXRacer Office Chairs. Because we are LanOC we went with the orange and black model. DXRacer currently has this and a red/black model available but there will also be a white/black model and a blue/black. The orange model is not only brighter than the other models, the accent color covers a larger portion of the chair as well. This isn’t the style you want to get if you want to keep things subtle. Honestly I really should have gone with the red that was also in stock but I couldn’t pass up on the orange (I have a problem).

image 29

The TV Chair comes with the same head and back pillows that their F-Series Office Chair comes with. The head pillow mounts in two different ways depending on if you want it down by your neck or up higher. To get it down by your neck you use the plastic clip that DXRacer provided and run the strap through the fake seatbelt holes in the chair. To put it higher up you just wrap the elastic strap around from the top. The lower back pillow installs a little differently than on the M-Series chair. You run the straps through the bottom of the chair and up through the seatbelt holes and clip it together on the back. Once strapped in you can slide it up and down to find where it fits you best.

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As I mentioned in the assembly section, the base of the TV Chair is similar to what you will find on office chairs. They did drop the wheels though and replaced them with feet. I think they could also get away with the same wheels that the M-Series has with locks on them if they wanted to make it easier to move around. With this being more a piece of furniture than your office chair it’s not a big surprise that they don’t care about moving it around too much.

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The bottom pad for the seat is actually removable meaning if you wear it out after years of use you might be able to replace it. This is actually the opposite of the M-Series office chair I reviewed. The back pad was replaceable on it and the bottom was one solid piece.

image 31

The arm rests on the TV Chair are completely solid and non-adjustable. The only option you have with them is the option to be able to remove and replace them should you damage them.

image 43

The overall seat design is to mimic a car racing seat. Those seats are designed to keep you in place when going around corners so the TV Chair does have side bolstering both on the back and bottom of the seat. This side view of the chair gives you an idea of just how much there is , especially on the back.

image 33

The biggest thing that makes the TV Chair unique is its reclining mechanism. The rest of DXRacer’s chairs are office focused, so they have more of a standard design where they raise and lower with a hydraulic cylinder, recline via the assembly mounted on the bottom of the chair, and they also have reclining chair backs to match the car seats they are designed after. This chair is completely different. The bottom mount mounts to the front of the bottom of the chair and half way up the sides of the chair backs and there isn’t the ability to raise or lower the chair. Reclining acts more like a Lazyboy where the back of the chair tilts back when you push the front of the chair forward. This is controlled with a small lock on the front of the underside of the chair. You can lock it in any position you would like by tightening the lock down. 

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