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So at the end of the day how does the Gigabyte AB350N Gaming WiFi add up? Well, obviously one of the biggest selling points is that it is AM4 and is Mini-ITX. Packing 8 core CPUs into that small of a form factor is difficult and should especially get interesting when you start dealing with the heat generated. But beyond being one of the first AM4 ITX boards to market I’m really digging a few of the features. Gigabyte included a good wireless card from Intel with Wireless AC support. The rear I/O has good connection options especially with the inclusion of the USB 3.1 Gen 2 plugs, though I really wish they would have made one a Type-C. You can also use this board with future APUs with the display connections. I also like the new RGB/W header that finally allows for the full range of colors including a good white when doing lighting.

That said the board did have a few downsides. On top of not having a Type-C connection, it also didn’t have an optical connection on the audio chipset. This isn’t a big deal for some builds but once AM4 APUs come out it will be more important for HTPCs and people looking to output to home stereos. The red and black theme looks really good but I think a more color neutral look would bet a better fit in 2017 and not limit buyers, especially with the RGB support already included. But the biggest downside is going to be the location of the 8-pin CPU power. You will need to make sure you have a plan to route that cable with the plug being in the middle of the board. Not a con really but I would have also loved to see them include a black I/O shield like on the Z270N Gaming 5, it would have made a big difference on the overall look of the board.

In the end, I think the pricing is really going to determine where this board fits in the market. I mean right now, I know SFF builders will be happy with anything. But later on, when everyone has ITX options on the AM4 platform I suspect this board is going to look like it lacks a few features. It is basically the AB350 Gaming 3 in a smaller form factor and with wireless built in. The AB350 Gaming 3 is a great board don’t get me wrong, but part of what makes it great is its good price point. So with an MSRP of $114.99, the AB350N Gaming WiFi is actually a good value and is priced close to the Gaming 3 with the extra cost of the WiFi bumping the price up $. I was told that there should be a small availability of the boards this week with more coming in later when the main shipments come in via sea. So SFF fans won’t have to wait very long to get started on their builds and it won’t even break the bank. It isn’t going to be the best overclocking although I had good memory support out of the hole and there are a few features I would love to have but I suspect this is going to be a popular board, especially for builds on a budget.


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Deb0 replied the topic: #38382 26 Jun 2017 22:53
Seems like the AM4 socket real estate is the biggest issue with the board, pushing the the SATA and the ATX 24 pin into a weird spot (though depending on what ITX case you choose the positioning might actually be fore the best). Interesting choice to keep the Intel wireless from the Z170N/270N boards but change out the Intel Gbe wired connection for something Realtek and ingore the Type-C completely.

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