When AMD introduced Fusion and the APU design I was a little curious how some of the manufactures would handle the loss of the Northbridge. The reason for my concern is that most manufactures use their heatsinks to stand out from each other. Without them some motherboards (visually) would just blend into each other. The cooling on the Pure Platinum A75 consists of a heatsink to the left of the APU socket and a heatsink to the right of the PCI slots. The bottom heatsink covered up the Southbridge or FCH (Fusion Controller Hub). Up to the left of the FM1 socket you have the VRM heatsink. This is an interesting design and a design that is new to Sapphire motherboards. From the top it is fairly boring, but a look from the side shows a unique fin design to keep the voltage regulator modules cool.





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Wingless92 replied the topic: #18831 25 Aug 2011 00:52
The board seems kind of low end, that's not a bad thing but your not going to build a monster rig with this thing.

Kinda sucks about no UEFI BIOS either

I am starting to come around more on Sapphire products though. They seem to right up there with other manufactures.

Still kinda sad that the new AMD still can't touch Intel though. I would like to see them neck and neck.

Great review though, you two always do a fantastic job with the write ups and the pictures.

Why would they only do 1 PCIE bus though?

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