One of the coolest parts about the Llano platform is its ability to Crossfire with select AMD discreet video cards. Knowing what card you should buy is a little confusing. The chart below explains what your new configuration is called when you pair the 6550 of the A8 or the 6530 of the A6 with one of the three cards that are compatible. In our case for benchmarking we are using the HD6650 with the A8’s 6670 giving us the HD 6690D2. This is using asymmetric crossfireX meaning there isn’t a crossfire cable being used, not that you would have anything to connect it too.

Discrete GPU



HD 6670

HD 6690D2

HD 6690D2

HD 6570

HD 6630D2

HD 6610D2

HD 6450

HD 6550D2

HD 6550D2

Starting the testing off with our Futuremark 3DMark Vantage and 3DMark 2011 testing we could see a considerable jump going from the onboard to the asymmetric crossfireX. Every single benchmark shows an improvement of almost 3 times the performance.


Similar to the performance we saw on our synthetic benchmarks running with double to almost three times the performance of the onboard alone. Each of our gaming tests are designed to push even the most powerful video cards on the market with all of the in game settings turned up. Surprisingly even at those settings a few of the games would be playable, although only to some people. Taking the detail down to a medium would be more than enough to get a full 60 FPS out of almost all of the games. Not bad for onboard paired with a low end video card.


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Wingless92 replied the topic: #18831 25 Aug 2011 00:52
The board seems kind of low end, that's not a bad thing but your not going to build a monster rig with this thing.

Kinda sucks about no UEFI BIOS either

I am starting to come around more on Sapphire products though. They seem to right up there with other manufactures.

Still kinda sad that the new AMD still can't touch Intel though. I would like to see them neck and neck.

Great review though, you two always do a fantastic job with the write ups and the pictures.

Why would they only do 1 PCIE bus though?

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