Razer has the Huntsman Mini in a box appropriately sized for the 60% keyboard which at retail also helps show just how small the keyboard is. On the front, they have the typical Razer green accents on the sides with a black background. Then the keyboard with its lighting all lit up takes up a majority of the rest of the front. The model name is the largest font making it easy to spot with Razer's name above that as well as their logo in the top right corner. They do touch on the optical switches, PBT keycaps, and the detachable Type-C cable with small notes next to the picture as well as the size with it noted under the model name and a sticker as well. Around back they have another picture of the keyboard but from a different angle which also has a line drawing overlayed in the center where they highlight the PBT keycaps. The optical switches and cable are talked about again, this time with photos and they also list out the onboard lighting effects available. 

image 12


image 13


What was a big change for me was when I opened the box up. Normally Razer has the full interior blacked out and they feature everything inside. But the brown cardboard reminds me that Razer has put a big focus on sustainability which cutting back to have more easily recycled cardboard and less packaging helps. There is a pouch with the documentation on the lid then the keyboard comes wrapped in a clear plastic and the cable comes up under the pull out cardboard at the back of the box. The cable also comes bagged up as well.

image 14


image 17


For the documentation, there is a translucent paper with a note from the Razer CEO and then you have a small user guide which touches on installation and software.

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