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Just like with the Wooting One when no one else had an analog keyboard option available. Wooting has created a unique product with their new wrist rest. Going with silicone is interesting, especially for the potential for long term durability. Only time will tell, I haven’t had the Wooting Wrist Rest long enough to say for sure, but silicone should be able to hold up to a lot of abuse and even be washable any time you want to wash it. Even just by tossing it into the dishwasher. Which is good because one of the downsides to the silicone is that it collects a lot of dirt and hair. Their design is solid and it fits up well even with the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L that I tested it with both where the rest and keyboard meet and for length. Wooting’s decision to also offer the blue option is nice and because of the design, I’m hoping that other colors came become available later, especially bright colors.

The unique design has a few downsides in addition to getting dirty which I already mentioned. The main one for me is that I wish it was a little more flexible. The silicone is firm when thick and Wooting used that crazy design on the underside to help with this but I think opening up the repeating hexagon shape on the underside a little more would add a little more flexibility to make it softer. Maybe allowing for a firm and soft model. The other concern I had was just with how the pad seemed to pull the oil out of my oiled wood desk.

As for pricing, some might find the $29.99 MSRP to be a little higher. But even when compared to the Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad which is popular the Wooting is only a few dollars more and I think the full silicone design is going to last a lot longer. I don’t think the Wooting Wrist Rest is for everyone, because some will prefer the softer foam pads. But it does end up sitting between the hard wood designs and the soft foam.


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