Almost exactly one year ago I sat down and took a look at the original Massdrop ErgoDox kit. A few months after that Massdrop in combination with what would later be called Input Club announced that they had been working on a completely new designed called the Infinity ErgoDox. It’s important to note that the original ErgoDox was originally designed by Dominic Beauchamp aka Dox. Later the Geekhack and Deskthority keyboard community’s worked with Massdrop to provide a full kit. The ErgoDox isn’t exclusive to Massdrop but the specific design that I reviewed last year was. There are actually multiple places where you can put together your own parts or now even buy a pre-built model as well. The Infinity ErgoDox though is a new design based on the original but taking into account what they learned from the 60% Infinity Keyboard that Massdrop worked on with Input Club. The overall shape is the same but the Infinity ErgoDox uses a proper backplate and makes big steps forward with things like USB 3.0, NKRO, an LED screen, backlighting, and stabilizers. So today I’m going to dig into the new kit and see what it is all about, have a little fun building it all, then test out the new design and see how it compares to the original.

Product Name: Input Club Infinity ErgoDox Ergonomic Keyboard Kit

Review Sample Provided by: Massdrop

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


Key count 76
Interface USB 3.0
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux
Case Material Acrylic with aluminum backplate
Keyswitches available

Cherry MX Clear

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Brown

Matias Quiet Pro

Matias Click

Gateron Black

Gateron Blue

Gateron Brown

Gateron Clear

Zealios 65g Tactile Purple

Zeralios 78g Tactile Purple

Case color options Clear only
Keycap options



Clear DCS

No keycaps option also available

Components included

2 Infinity ErgoDox PCBs

2 Top Plate #1

2 Top Plate #2

2 Switch Plate

2 Spacer Plate #1

2 Spacer Plate #2

2 Bottom Plate

18 Posts with screws (hardware)

1 3′ USB 3.0 Cable

1 1′ USB 3.0 Cable

1 2mm allen wrench


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37599 01 Feb 2016 23:19
Almost exactly a year after our original ErgoDox review I check out the new ErgoDox Infinity designed by Input Club in collaboration with Massdrop.

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