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So the Infinity is not your everyday keyboard. It is unique both in its size and design but what really sets it apart from your everyday keyboard is this being a completely DIY kit. Massdrop does now offer an option that solders the key switches on for you but it will cost you more than the standard kit. For me building the keyboard was fun and rewarding, but I know for some all of that work might be stressful or time consuming. That DIY aspect does open up a lot of options though. With the Infinity you can pick from a WIDE selection of key switches, most that aren’t even available on your day to day keyboards. You can even pick out the case as well. You have complete control of the keyboard layout and can add an infinite number of layers to add multimedia and other controls. Hell you can even decide to skip out on the black PBT keycaps and order something like what we ran on our Infinity. The near infinite number of both physical and programing options are really what the Infinity is all about.

Sadly, even with all of the available options there are a few features that the Infinity could still use in my opinion. The biggest option I would like to see is optional backlighting. Being such a perfect fit for a LAN keyboard having the ability to add backlighting would be huge. In addition with all of the layers you can program, I would love to have an RGB status indicator to let you know what layer you are actually on when using the keyboard, if they add full backlighting they could even just have it light up the layer number on the number row. I just know it would make adjusting to all of the layers a lot easier for me and most likely others.

So how was the size? Well as I mentioned the small size was perfect for packing with your LAN rig because of how much room it saves both in your bag but also on your table. That same logic made additional room on my desk and also makes the 60% form factor a perfect size for packing along with your laptop if you just can’t live without a good keyboard when traveling.

My only concern with the Infinity is that I think that all of the customization options that make it such an exciting keyboard for someone like me might go completely un-used by some users. For them given the price they might actually be able to find a 60% keyboard on Massdrop or otherwise that does what they need it to do and even have backlighting for a similar or even better price. In the end you really should enjoy building and customizing the Infinity to make it the perfect buy. For me, that is exactly what I was looking for. But if you want something that is working right out of the box there are better options. 


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36711 15 Jun 2015 17:55
I hope everyone had a good weekend. I know I was busy watching season finales and all of the E3 announcements. Today I take a look at another build your own keyboard kit from Massdrop, this time it is a 60% sized keyboard called the Infinity. Enjoy

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