Image 1_2Today we are going to look at the Thrustmaster T500RS. This is one of the highest quality racing wheel/pedal setups on the market. Thrustmaster is known for building some of the most complex peripherals in the industry. From the wheels, joysticks to the insane flight controls for the A-10C Warthog game there is something for every gamer. With its build construction, paddle shifter, button layout and pedal arrangement all being tested out using some of the most demanding driving games, see if it’s up to par with what you expect. 


Product Name: Thrustmaster T500RS
Review Sample Provided by: Thrustmaster
Review by: Skyler
Pictures by: Skyler


After receiving the review unit from Thrustmaster I noticed that on the box and on the Thrustmaster website it said only compatible with PS3. After a little interweb searching I came across it on Amazon. Low and behold it does work with PC. You just need to download the drivers from the Thrustmaster website. After talking with them they are going to be changing this. It should in the future say PS3 and PC compatible on the website. Its one thing to say it works with both systems on Amazon, its another to say it works on both on the manufactures website. I also called in to their support. My call was promptly answered and help was there. The lady guided me in the right direction and solved my issue quickly. Its nice to see a company take their support seriously.

Image 2

The outside of the prominently shows off what inside. With the PS3 Gran Turismo proudly displayed. Also are all of the dimensions and weight of each individual component.

Image 4

Thrustmaster really takes care of it’s devices during the shipping process. Rest assured, if you order any of their products it should arrive in pristine condition. Thanks to heavy use of Styrofoam and other materials ours arrived without a scratch.

Image 5

Generous use of Styrofoam really helps out with the shipping because of the weight of the items.

Image 8

Once I opened it up I was in for a surprise. This thing is heavy! The weight of the pedals by themselves is around 15lbs.

Image 9
Instruction manual, cables, A/C adapter, mounts were all included.

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