If the 500 gig Seagate BlackArmor we reviewed a while back isn't enough space for you, you now have other options. Amazingly you can pick up a drive up to a full 1Tb! Still using a USB 2.0 interface I'm curious to see if it will be limited by its transfer speeds more than its capacity. Of course even if that is the case, you can always just brag that your portable hard drive is bigger than anyone else.

Product Name: Free Agent Go 1Tb

Review Sample Provided by: Seagate

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


Model Number



USB 2.0


1 TB


Height (max)

130 mm (5.12 inches)

Width (max)

80 mm (3.15 inches)

Length (max)

21 mm (.83 inches)

Weight (typical)

160 grams (.35 pounds)




The packaging for the FreeAgent Go 1tb was much different from past packaging. You still have a good view of the drive, but instead of being packaged in a full plastic container they went with mostly cardboard this time around. Because of that, the packaging was a little more colorful and eye catching.  On the back, they have a few of the features listed out along with a picture from one of the smaller drives that is available in other colors.




We have taken a look at countless Seagate hard drives and every time I talk about the software. Without going into the details, nothing has changed, the software is still amazing. You still have the ability to backup, sync, adjust power settings, and control the drives built in LED’s. The drive itself may be a little larger, but it didn’t affect its portability or ability to work with docks. As you can see below, the performance is still limited by its USB 2.0 interface. With the larger 1tb size you may be effected by the transfer rates more than past drives. USB 3.0 couldn’t have come any sooner, I hope we see USB 3.0 on Seagate’s drives soon.








Similar to the Model T you can have any color of the 1Tb Free Agent Go as long as its black. Outside of that issue (can you really call that an issue?) I couldn't find a problem with Seagate's largest portable hard drive. The idea of being able to keep a full terabyte in your pocket is amazing. In order to fit all of that storage into the Free Agent Go package it had to put one a little bit of Winter Weight (about a half inch thicker), but didn’t lose much if any portability. If you need a portable solution but can’t give up on the space Seagate has the product for you. Of course with a price that is not far from the $290 that Model T’s sold for in the 20’s, you are paying a premium for the size and portability of this one.

SeagateFreeAgentGo1Tb silver

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