titleWhen packing up your rig to head to a LAN party, you will find yourself trying to find the best way to pack your keyboard and other peripherals. I have seen people use everything from backpacks, totes, and even plastic shopping bags. The need for a good way to pack your equipment is there, but oddly enough you won’t find many options. Razer quietly introduced what they call the “Razer Gear Rack” last year along with their gaming gear line. Today we finally have a chance to look at their Gear Rack a little closer; maybe this is product we have been looking for.

Product Name: Razer Gear Rack

Review Sample Provided by: Razer

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes




5 compartments for housing multiple gaming peripherals

Fits into the Razer shoulder bag for neat storage

Fabric mesh with elastic band that fits gaming peripherals of different sizes


Width: 10" (25.5cm)

Height: 19.1" (48.5cm)


Normally we see extravagant packaging from Razer products, but this time around there really isn’t anything to it. When shipped the Gear Rack came in a plastic bag to keep it from being damaged. Outside of that the only packaging is a black and green tag hanging from the Gear Racks handle.


Loading it up

It’s funny: I found myself loading the Gear Rack up almost right away at around 3 in the morning to be ready to head out to a LAN in the morning. The rack has 5 mesh compartments, 4 on one side and one large on the back side. I slipped my Razer Lycosa Mirror in the large compartment on the back, obviously this rack was designed with the Lycosa in mind, and it’s a perfect fit. On top of the Lycosa I also slipped the Razer Kabuto mouse pad. On the other side of the rack you have a large spot to keep your headset, and sticking with the Razer theme I slipped in a pair of Piranha’s. They give you two spots for mice, to take advantage of this I slipped in the wireless Orochi and my old standby Deathadder. The last compartment can be used for anything you would like, I found it useful for my power cables or an Ethernet cable.






Taking the loaded up Gear Rack to its first LAN party made carrying everything in much easier. Depending on how you want to hold the Gear pack you have two different handles to use. I found that I was able to carry my monitor under my arm while also holding the Gear Rack. Combined with my easy to carry LAN rig I was able to make it in with everything in one trip! My only concern has to do with how the elastic straps will hold up in the future. They do a great job of keeping everything snug but elastic always loses some elasticity over time. But outside of that concern the Gear Rack does a great job of keeping everything secured and easy to carry.




When it comes to packing your equipment up, you really don’t have a lot of options unless you want to get creative with a Walmart bag. Razer saw a need and filled it. Being gamers themselves it is no surprise that they covered just about all of the bases. This would be a perfect product for any LAN attendee. Even if you don’t normally use Razer products, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting your equipment. See you guys at the next LAN! I will be the guy having no trouble getting everything in on my first trip.


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