It isn’t very often that Noctua brings out new products. They tend to spend a long time developing everything and they won’t bring things out until they are basically perfect. Hell, it’s hard to believe that their IndustrialPPC and Redux fans came out 3 years ago. So the new introductions were focused on expanding their A-series of fans with 200mm, 120mm, and 40mm models. Along with those they also introduced a few new accessories including a small fan controller. With the fans, you may notice that this is actually their first 200mm fans and the 120 and 40mm models expand on both of those already existing areas in their product lineup with new thin 120mm fans and higher pressure 40mm fans. I was sold just with the introduction of the new 120mm 15mm thick slim fans, but I reached out to check out the whole range. So today I’m going to check out the new fans to see what Noctua has going on.

Title: Noctua A-Series Fans and Accessories

Samples Provided by: Noctua

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

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So most of Noctua’s accessories are various mounting kits, Y cables, Low Noise Adapters, and their Chromax colored accessories. So the new fan controller was a bit of a surprise. The NA-FC1 isn’t going to run in a bay or even in a PCI slot like older fan controllers. The NA-FC1 is just a small box. You have two status indicators, one for power and then the orange LED that gives you a visual indication of where you have the speed set. You then have the speed control knob in the middle and a small button below it that turns on a “no stop” mode that doesn’t let your fans drop below 300 RPM and turn off. What was interesting to me though was the three-way splitter included with the controller. In addition to a power cable and a fan extension cable to pull a signal from your motherboard, you can actually use this fan controller for a total of three fans at once. Personally, I normally stick with motherboard controls, but if you need a few extra fans and you would prefer to not run them at 100% fan speed this isn’t too bad of an option. The pricing is a little higher than I expected with it coming in just below $20, but the controller itself is great.

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The SATA power to 4-pin adapter is as basic as they come, but a nice option to have available. Especially when most people like myself at most have Molex to 3-pin adapters floating around. With this, you might be able to avoid having to bust out a Molex cable for your power supply. Plus Noctua did a nice job with the sleeving. Noctua also suggests using the NA-SYC1 Y-Cable with this adapter as well to power up to three fans off one SATA if needed.

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Then the last two accessory boxes were filled with the new NA-SAV3 and NA-SAV4 silicone anti-vibration mounts. Noctua normally includes anti-vibration mounts with all but their Redux line of fans. These are just new designs that have multiple bumps to allow support for various fan thicknesses now including the new 15mm thick 120mm fans.

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Accessory Pricing

NA-FC1: EUR 19.90 / USD 19.90
NA-SAV3: EUR 7.90 / USD 7.90
NA-SAV4: EUR 7.90 / USD 7.90
NA-SAC5: EUR 7.90 / USD 7.90


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