The other day I looked at the Xilence Xilent Blade Pro heatsink. Xilence produces a long list of cooling products. A good example of their wide selection is their Dual Heatpipe RAM Cooler. Designed to give great ram cooling for overclocking it's a perfect match for dedicated gamers and overclocking geeks.

Review Sample Provided by: Xilence

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


Color: black, copper
Dimensions: 94 x 154 x 18 mm
Net weight: 160 g
Noise: 0 dB/A - fanless


Xilence packed the Xilent Blade Pro away in an easy to open blister packaging. Because of the blister packaging the heatsink was super easy see from almost any angle giving you a chance to know what you are buying before you get it. The background stuck with Xilence's red and black theme along with a few designs. Keeping it simple, the back of the packaging had a small specification list along with a small feature list in a few different languages.


The biggest issue I had during installation was finding a stick of ram that didn't already have heat spreaders on them. Most good gaming ram comes with some sort of heatspreader attached to help keep them cool, the problem is that most are double sided sticky taped to the ram. If you try to remove the heatspreader or tape, you risk the possibility of damaging your ram. Once I found ram to work with the installation went quickly. Six screws hold everything together, once taken out everything came apart give access to work. First you install the silicon padding depending on if your ran has chips on both sides or just one. Now you spread out the included thermal paste around the Heatpipes for good heat transfer. Next, you align the ram in the correct spot and put everything back together around it. The six screws tighten down and prevent the heatsink from coming off or moving around.


Due to the limited availability or ram without heatspreaders, I found myself using a 1-gig stick of DDR 400. Because of this I wasn't testing on my normal test rig. I was sporting my 3000+ single core AMD setup from years ago. Even with the old setup it was easy to run prime95 in Ram mode to get everything heated up. I wasn't able to get any accurate temperatures with our infrared thermometer. I did notice that after some time you can feel the heatpipes near the ram start to heat up. I didn't notice the heatsink part of the Dual Heatpipe Ram Cooler ever heating up. This tells me that once the heat makes it to the heatsink it does a good job of dissipating it. A lot of Ram manufactures recently have been turning to fans on top of their high end ram to keep the temperatures down. Xilence didn't have to do with that with the Dual Heatpipe Ram Cooler. Because of this it obviously makes no noise, making it a great idea for anyone wanting to cool things down without increasing the noise.


The Xilence Dual Heatpipe RAM Cooler does a great job. The heatpipes perform flawlessly at moving the heat away from the ram into the heatsinks. In all of my testing I only found one issue with the performance infact. Due to the size of the cooler it can cause some fitment issues in wide CPU heatsinks. Other than that issue I would recommend the Dual Heatpipe RAM Cooler to anyone who is looking to cool down ram that doesn't have its own heat spreaders. That brings me to the Achilles' heal of this product. Most high performance ram already comes with a heatspreader on them from the factory. If you try to take it off to install the Xilence Dual Heatpipe RAM Cooler you run a high risk of damaging the ram in the process. This damage may not be covered under warranties due to the removal of the stock heatspreader. In other words this is a great product with a very limited chance of being needed and that's really a shame because the Xilence Dual Heatpipe RAM Cooler is truly a great ram heatsink.

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