Typically when it comes to open air cases you have crazy one-off builds that are really only useful for tradeshows and then you have testbenches. The testbenches are normally plain looking and lack much more than the ability to add a fan or the bare minimum components needed for a testbench. A few years ago Primochill introduced their Wetbench line and they have revised it to the current iteration with huge changes in the design. I’ve been following it for a while but its allure finally got me after seeing it all over the internet on tech YouTube channels and websites so I reached out and surprisingly they were happy to send over a nice orange and white Wetbench for us to check out. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter or my personal Instagram you have most likely seen the Wetbench in action recently. Well, it's about time to sat down and spoke a little about the overall experience.

Product Name: Primochill Praxis Wetbench

Review Sample Provided by: Primochill

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Affiliate Link: HERE




Length (Foot to Foot) | 461.8mm

Width (Front to Back | 483mm

Height (w/ GPU Bracket) | 440mm

Height (w/out GPU Bracket) | 330mm


Motherboards: mITX / mATX / ATX / eATX

Optical Drive: 2x 5.25" drives (can support dual 5.25 bay reservoirs)

Storage Drives: 4x HDD/SSD (up to 3.5" supported)

PSU: ATX PSU (up to 300mm supported)

Switches: 2x 22mm

Radiators:120mm through 360mm / 140mm though 280mm (thicker rads mount outside)


Frame: Powder Coated Steel

Accent: Acrylic

Parts Included

Test Bench

Accent Kit

Assembly Hardware

2x Momentary Vandal Switch - 22mm -Black

4 x 2-Pin Switch Cables

Installation Guide


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Our new test bench

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