The packaging for the G533 couldn’t get much simpler. It has a black background and then Logitech’s signature blue is used for the Logitech logo down at the bottom and the branding up at the top left. Beyond that, there is just a photo o the headset on the front, simple and to the point. The back the box isn’t too crazy as well. They have a closer look at the headset, specifically on the side with the controls, and next to it they have a few features highlighted. They have the 7.1 audio, well a simulated 7.1 with DTS. They talk about the 15-hour battery life and the 15-meter range with the 15/15. Then the last one talks about the mesh that helps your ears breath.

image 1

image 2

Inside the headset sits in a cardboard tray and is wrapped in plastic. They also have plastic stuck on all of the glossy surfaces of the G533 as well. The USB dongle is right up top and they have the USB charging cable tucked up under everything. For documentation, you get a small user guide and then a safety and warranty information book.

image 3

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