The Vengeance 2000 comes in a red and black box with two windows on the front. One window wraps around the side giving you a peak at the headset while the second window shows off its USB wireless adapter. Around back there are a few details about the headset including details on its battery life (up to 10 hours), its 50mm drivers, and details and a picture of the USB extension cable that you can use to move the wireless adapter into a position that gives it the best reception.

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Inside the headset is sitting in a plastic formed tray with a felt lining. Everything is held in place with zip ties. Around back you will find the charger cable as well as the extension cable for the wireless adapter. For paperwork you get a quick start guide, warranty information, a safety leaflet, and a paper reminding you to return directly to Corsair not the store.

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Corsairs latest headset

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