To some comfort is the most important thing about a headset, considering how long you could end up wearing them at a LAN or in a long gaming session its really no surprise. Before I go into my experience with the HS1A, I would like to make sure everyone understand where I am coming from as everyone’s idea of comfortable is different. I have a large head that has cause me a few problems with smaller headsets in the past. I typically prefer a full sized headset over ear buds or an on-ear design. I am extra sensitive to pressure on my ears and I also experience problems with my ears getting too hot with ANY headset. Because of that my experience with the HS1A could be completely different than yours.


Having gone over all of that I am sure you are wondering what I thought about them. Surprisingly even from the first time I put them on I found them to be extremely comfortable, up their with the Siberia v2 from Steel Series. With a larger headband I expected to feel more pressure on the top of my head but Corsair did a good job of limiting that with just the right amount of padding. Its still a little heavier and more noticeable than the lightweight spring loaded band style of headset but impressive non the less.


Even more important than the headband for comfort are the ear cups. As I said before large ear-cups that go around my ears are my preference so it was no surprise that I found the HS1A’s ear-cups to be very comfortable. Where the ear-cup meets the headband they have a heavy duty joint that allows for full rotation and for the cup to pivot in. That rotation helps keep the cup in just the right spot while still keeping them on snugly. Corsair provided both microfiber, one in synthetic leather covered ear-pads with memory foam inside. That gives you your choice of materials, effecting both comfort and outside noise. I myself prefer the microfiber pads; they are extremely soft and allow for more air to pass than the synthetic leather.


When you put it all together that makes the HS1A a very comfortable headset. The closed air design did lead to my ears getting hot like on every other headset, but when using the microfiber earcups they didn’t get any hotter than any other headset I have tested. I would call that more of a defect in my ears than the headset ;).

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