titleOur first meeting of CES officially was Cooler Master. We made it over to their Suite at the Palms to see what they would be bringing out over the next year. Not only that we we got to check out all of the case mods they had sitting around along with Cooler Master’s Booth Babes. As usual they had a wide selection of new products to show off, check out what is upcoming inside.


Input Devices

Last night at one of the parties we were at, our Cooler Master contact Joe was asking me what we were looking forward to the most from CES. My honest answer was that I was excited to see what Cooler Master would be showing off with their mice and keyboards. Carter has been the PM over that line for over a year and I was excited to see what he had come up with in that time. I wasn’t disappointed. Jumping right into their keyboards he showed off new Quickfire Rapid Stealth with the lettering moved down onto the side of the keys for a low key but still functional look. Along with that the font that a lot of people didn’t like with the Rapids is gone and the same goes for the logo that used to be in place of the windows keys. In fact there is almost no branding at all, something I think mechanical keyboard enthusiast will love.

image 2

image 3

image 4

image 5

They also had a new Quick Fire XT that is similar to their Quickfire Pro without any of the extra styling that you either loved or hated. The new look has the thinnest bezel (22 8/10mm) on the market and a subtle look with only the one hidden logo (on the side facing away from you) and the rubber finish that people enjoyed on the Rapid. They dropped their former power cord style and went with an easier to work with full size USB port as well that is placed right on the back of the keyboard. This is a Costar manufactured board with Costar stabilizers as well.

image 6

image 7

image 8

image 9

The new Control-RX mousepad is HUGE. I love the rounded edges, it helped keep the pads extra thickness from feeling TOO thick.

image 10

They were showing off a few white peripherals just to see what people thought of them, but they aren’t officially announced.

image 11

image 12


Another batch of prototypes they had were an all aluminum series. The keyboard is much larger than what they offer currently and might not be the flavor of traditional mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

image 13

image 14

image 15

Cooler Master had more of their mobile and tablet accessories out for everyone to see. I was a big fan of their Carbon iPad accessories, hopefully we see these on Android devices in the future. Beyond that they had a variety of stands including one that will allow you to attach your iPad and spin it around.

image 22

image 23

image 24

image 25

image 26

image 27

image 28

image 29

image 30

image 42

image 43

Mobile also had a few refreshes with their notebook coolers this year. The SF-19 that I use for my 18.4 inch laptop for example has a new model coming out that packed in another fan and also the ability to tilt up even more when needed. I was also interested in their new lap series that is designed with padding built in. This is perfect for those who want to get on their laptop on the couch or on their bed, something a LOT of people do. Speaking of that they had a prototype out to show off that is actually designed to go over your legs like breakfast in bed. The cooler section actually pulled off and doubles as a normal cooler for when you aren’t in bed as well.

image 31

image 32

image 33

image 34

image 35

image 36

image 37

image 38

image 39

image 40

image 41


They only brushed on Cooler Master’s new power supplies for the year but we did get a peek at them. The most notable feature being the individually sleeved cables on their top of the line models.

image 45

image 73

It wouldn’t be a Cooler Master CES without new cases to show off. Most of their new introductions fall into their budget lines as well as well as international offerings. One thing that did stand out to me was that most of their cases are sporting more room for water cooling. If you look closely most of the cases pictured actually had 240mm radiators installed, this is especially interesting because this is something that most budget cases normally lack. We even saw one model that isn’t going to be available in the states that had room for a radiator to go in sideways and pull air in from the side of the case.

image 46

image 47

image 48

image 49

image 50

image 51

image 52

image 53

image 58

As a big fan of past ATCS models, I was excited to see that they will be bringing out a new model in 2013. The ATCS 910 is a throwback to early Cooler Master cases with its all aluminum design.

image 54

image 55

Cooler Master's cooling offerings for 2013 include a new fan design that is designed to be much quieter with a full rubber mount. They will have the new fans in four LED colors and an all black non-LED design as well.

image 56

image 57

They also had the german designed Eisberg 240L on display but it won’t be available in the states until later in the year. They had what they called Eisberg Solo that I was especially interested in, this is a pump/res/waterblock that they are looking to sell for the DIY watercooling market. I love that you can see the gears inside moving when everything is up and running.

The Scout 2 will also be getting a small refresh that now includes three fans over the original one fan that a lot of people including us complained about. The price point will be the same for the black model and the white model that will also be coming out will have a MSRP of $10 more.

image 69

image 71

image 72

image 59

image 60

On the heatsink front they were especially proud of their new V8 GTS with a horizontal vapor chamber design that goes almost directly onto the CPU to spread the heat out to all of the heatpipes. This same design was carried over to most of their product line as well. The V8 GTS also is sporting two 140mm fans. The original was very popular but I’m concerned that this new design might be harder to sell due to its fan shroud design being a little busy, the original had a great styling that most people (especially car guys) loved.

image 61

image 62

image 63

image 64

image 65

image 66

image 67


Booth Babe and Case Mods of Cooler Master

One thing that Cooler Master never skimps on is their models, they always have some of the best and nicest girls of CES. Along with that they always bring in case mods from all over. Here are pictures of what we saw including a couple pictures of JJ’s mod WITH one of the models.

image 1

image 16

image 17

image 18

image 19

image 20

image 21

image 44

image 74

image 76

image 78

image 79

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