"The Swedish AIM champion Björn "threat" Pers sets the new record at Dreamhack.
QPAD, the Swedish company famed for its premium gaming gear, today announced the result of the Guinness World Record attempt at Dreamhack the biggest lan party in the world, taking place last weekend between 13-16 of June.
Guinness World record attempt "Gamers edition" QPAD was on location to set a new Guinness World record in Counter-Strike 1.6 aim map. The rules where simple. You simply had get the most rounds during 12 hours of game play. First to 10 rounds stayed and met the next challenger in a classic King Of The hill format. Björn "threat" Pers who is a well known player on aim maps, he won QTOUR 1on1 Championship in 2008 and came second in 2007. Björn had a fantastic weekend Coming 1st in both the Guinness world records attempt and beating SK-Gaming in the main 5on5 tournament final with his team Lemondogs."

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