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gamingnews2I've spent all of 2011 trying to play nearly every game available. Sure I could call it work, but for the most part it was a good time. We had up and downs. With this year seeing the introduction of releases from major IP's like Elder Scrolls and Battlefield its been an amazing year for any gamer. No matter your preferences I'm sure you have found a game or two that tickles your fancy. After doing the gaming news for the year do you want to know what the Game Of The Year for me is? Read on to find out. Some of the entry's might surprise you!


There are a couple of things that I have to point out before we start. I had to actually play the game for it to be considered. So Skyrim, SWTOR, and Battlefield 3 are out for reasons that have been covered in past gaming news. The game had to come out in 2011, duh, lol. Other than that, it was free reign.

5th Place: Homefront


Now, I know what your probably thinking, Homefront? In a top five list? Hell yes. Playing through Homefront was a different kind of experience for me. Little did we know that Kim Jong Il would really die this year. From great graphics to a compelling story Homefront really left a mark on me.

4th Place: F.3.A.R

F 2011-07-02_13-06-35-89

Ah, the FEAR franchise. You may have tried to scare the bejebus out of us and sometimes it did work. F.3.A.R was another great experience this year. I have always loved this franchise and the 3rd installment was no slouch. From better graphics to a more complete storyline this is by far the best FEAR game to date.

3rd Place: Renegade Ops


As I said in many Gaming News's, Renegade Ops was very high on my list. Twin Stick shooter hold a soft spot in my heart for their simplicity in gameplay. Ops came out swinging from the guys/gals that brought you Just Cause 2.  If you like explosions then check off Renegade Ops as a must download.

2nd Place: Hard Reset:

hardreset 2011-09-13_14-38-54-91_edited-1

Not even Serious Sam 3 BFE could match the "Fun" factor that I had with Hard Reset this year. If you like guns, explosions and killing eniemies then Hard Reset is a must buy. From the great HUD and the way the menu pop-ups work Hard Reset takes the menu systems to a whole new level. Not only that but the weapons in the game are probably the most detailed items ever seen. From you gun heating up to the point of melting, to the way the ARG weapon spins, Hard Reset is one game any FPS fan should play.

Game Of The Year: Batman Arkham City

capsule 467x181

This was a hard one. Not only did DX11 break the game, it's still a bit flaky. Other than that though, the newest Batman is hands down LanOC's Game Of The Year winner! Fron stunning graphics, even in DX9 mode, awesome voice work, great levels and a truly magnificent story.  No other game had as good an ending as Batman and no other game made you feel even remotely safe in a room of 30 baddies. It's truly stunning that a movie franchise game can really be this good. Batman: Arkham City, we salute you.

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