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Remember, remember the fifth of November. Welcome to November everyone. Winter is right around the corner but with all the games that are coming out this month there will be no shortage of gaming time. We have the Midweek Madness sale, Call Of Duty: MW3 is 6 days away, Payday: The Heist has a good discussion going on in the forums, Mechwarrior is coming to PC in 2012 and a boat load of news at the end. Get your snowsuits on, Gaming News is go!

Midweek Madness:

Bastion is this week’s Midweek Madness game. Looking over at the Steam page NickWic had some good things to say about it. With a Metacritic rating of 87/100, it’s worth the $7.49 to give it a try. Remember, all Midweek Madness sales end on Thursday at 7pm EST.

Call Of Duty: MW3:

Ready for some more COD? Then get ready. We are a couple of days away from more of the FPS goodness. I know that not everyone likes the COD games or thinks that they are played out but you can’t deny that they are mindless fun in multiplayer. With Nexus LAN coming up here in a few weeks this will be one of their tournament games. Right now if you pre-order it you can score a free copy of COD:4. COD:MW3 comes out on November 8th.

PAYDAY: The Heist:

With Twodavez posting his thoughts on PAYDAY it brought up an interesting conversation. How far is too far? With all of the games these days having to shoot people to progress in the story have we become accustomed on violence? We see it everyday, news, youtube, internet, it’s pretty much everywhere. But does this game take it too far? I say no, and here’s why. How many of us always wanted to rob a bank but know that the amount of money that would be needed to steal it’s just not worth the consequences. This game will let us live out our dreams with no consequences in the real world. I hear what Dave is saying though. Your not fighting zombies, nazi’s or aliens. You are fighting real people aka police, security guards, etc. This does hit pretty close to home but it’s still a game, If you don’t want to play it you don’t have to. I would like to thank Dave for the great post and encouraging constructive debate on the forums. This is what we like to see. PAYDAY: The Heist can be picked up on Steam for $19.99.

MechWarrior Online:

MechWarrior Online_Coast_Battle

So who wants a new MechWarrior game? What is cooler than running around in Mech’s and destroying everything in sight? MechWarrior Online is set to launch in 2012 as a free-to-play game on PC. Check out to register your Pilot's Name now and check out the forums. I will be posting more about this as more news is released.

Left Field:

Left Field

Who’s ready for some Left Field news?

The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North is out today on Steam. Priced at $49.99 you can get your “Ring” on for a small intro price.

There is a new Steam Client update released also today. Download it now for the newest version of your favorite digital distributor.

AMD has released their new Catalyst driver set for you AMD fans. Those can be found here.

Seems like the Dev’s for Dungeon Defenders are really taking their PC game seriously. I have seen numerous updates since the game has been released. Unlike the console version where the updates have to go thru certification on PC they do not so you get updates quicker and more frequent.

If you use Gmail for your email you might want to take a look at it again. Google has updated a bunch of it’s services to look the same. It’s a welcome change. Now everything has a similar look and feel no matter what client you are using.

Not really news but more of a question, what is everyone’s favorite mobile operating system? No trollin'

The Doom 3 engine is heading on it’s way out to the internet. Carmack says that legal is working out the last few details. Can’t wait to see what the modding community will come up with.

Remember hearing about how the PC was the lead platform for Battlefield 3? Looks like they swapped their story’s. Now EA/DICE have said that they switched half way through to get both console and PC versions of the game out.

LanOC is going to be invading Nexus LAN here on November 19th-20th. The LAN is sold out but you can count on your staff to post up some videos and pictures. I will have the GoPro on hand with some head mounted shots along with the DSLR. I know the rest of the staff are going to have their camera’s so we will have no shortage of pics and videos.

Just received and email about a Steam survey about DOTA 2. It had a couple of questions in it and it scanned your system for what hardware you have. I am not sure if I’ll get into the beta or not but here’s for trying!

Runescape is in their 10th year of service. I don’t care who you are those are some dedicated players. Hell, even I got tired of WoW after 2 years, lol.

How about some web based gaming? Dragons vs. Unicorns will launch here in 2012. You can play on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Talk about covering all of them. This does sound pretty darn funny. Burn down some unicorns while in a hard nerd rage? Yes, please.

Need a water resistant keyboard? You know, for those times that your cat pukes on your keyset and ruins it, thanks Thumper, lol. Check out the Raptor LK1 on Amazon and Newegg. Not to shabby for $35.

Naval Warfare has a free demo version out now. I picked this game up when it was on sale and it’s been quite a trip. I don’t know where my love for twin stick shooters has come from but where ever it did, I am thankful.

Need a new headset? Want something with a little bling? How about the black and gold SteelSeries Siberia V2?

Black and_Gold

Well that is it for this week everyone. Have a great rest of the week and try not to feel that bad that winter is fast approaching but spring is only five months away!

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