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Islandia, NY and Bethesda, MD -- Oct 25, 2011-- MaxxVault LLC, specialists in enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), and dtSearch Corp., a leading supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval and file parsing software, announce that the dtSearch Engine is now embedded in MaxxDocs 5. Adding dtSearch allows MaxxDocs users to accurately search the content of documents to find the information they need - quickly.

MaxxDocs is the perfect starting point for organizations needing a document management solution, and with the release of version 5, MaxxDocs is more powerful than ever. "We strive to make our solutions very easy to use," said Bruce Malyon, CEO of MaxxVault. "To achieve this, we wrap powerful tools with an intuitive user interface. With this latest release, we added full-text search capabilities to MaxxDocs so that our users can find their documents more quickly. We selected the dtSearch Engine because of its superior accuracy and speed."

MaxxDocs administrators are able to create custom searches for each group or department, making the document request process easy and secure. Along with full-text searching, MaxxDocs 5 also offers several additional new features, including: customizable toolbars, new document emailing options, faster document page navigation and an improved document viewer. These new features further enhance MaxxDocs' ability to deliver dramatic cost savings through greater document handling efficiency, better document security and regulatory compliance.

"MaxxDocs offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for offices or departments looking to take control of the ever-growing mix of paper and electronic documents," said David Thede, President, dtSearch Corp. "The MaxxDocs feature set covers all aspects of document management, from document capture and indexing, to quick access and security, to auditing and retention in compliance with government regulations."

The dtSearch Engine is the developer component of the dtSearch product line, offering 64-bit and 32-bit Win/Linux C++, Java & .NET (through 4.x) APIs for instantly searching terabytes of text. The dtSearch Engine has over 25 full-text and fielded data search options, including support for all Unicode languages, federated search options, forensics search option, advanced data classification objects and faceted search.

The dtSearch Engine also embeds dtSearch's own file parsers and converters. The file parsers enable hit highlighting in popular document types, as well as popular email types and attachments (including nested attachments). A built-in Spider supports static and dynamic web data, spanning local, remote, public and secure sites. The dtSearch Engine also supports SQL-type databases, including BLOB data.

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About MaxxVault

MaxxVault LLC provides software solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents. Benefits of MaxxVault Enterprise include: reduced costs, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. MaxxVault is an open system; it is built using the latest technology which provides enhanced security, dependability and interoperability with existing systems. For more information about MaxxVault LLC visit: www.MaxxDocs.com

About dtSearch, www.dtsearch.com

The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval(R) since 1991, dtSearch offers over 20 years of experience in parsing and searching data. The dtSearch product line includes enterprise and developer text search products, meeting some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world. dtSearch products have received hundreds of excellent case studies and press reviews. (Please see www.dtsearch.com for these.) The company has distributors worldwide, including coverage on six continents. For more information, or to download fully-functional evaluations, please call 1-800-IT-FINDS (or 301/263-0731), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.dtsearch.com.

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Author: Koolaid84

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