titleEvery year we see an amazing amount of cars being shown off at CES. Cars range from stock cars from the different manufactures all the way to one off full carbon fiber builds. This year was no different. Here are a few of the cars that we saw while wondering around the LVCC. 


titleIn between my meeting with Trendnet and Intel I took the tram from the Mirage over to TI to visit the guys from Mushkin. They invited me up to show off what they have planning for 2012. Little did I know how exciting they were! This is where I ended up finding the product I am most excited for from CES this year. 


titleAlex and I made a quick visit to the Cyberpower suite in between our other meetings. Eddie from Cyberpower showed us around and we saw a few really interesting things that they have to offer this year.


titleI found the time to stop and check out the Asus suite at Trump Tower while running around Las Vegas. JJ from Asus was kind enough to take me around even though I’m fairly sure I interrupted his lunch time. He showed off their current lineup and some of the products we can look forward to in 2012.


titleIt was only a few months ago that we visited Kingston so I wasn’t expecting to see very much new stuff from our visit to their suite this year. Surprisingly I was very wrong; they had a few nice displays and a few cool interesting products from different parts of their product lineup to show off.


titleWe made it all the way out to the end of the strip at the MGM to visit our friends at Sapphire this year. Other than the obvious things like the HD 7970 that we recently covered and the HD 7950 that we couldn’t photograph we did get a look at a few upcoming products from Sapphire to be excited about in 2012.


titleOur Razer visit this year was fairly focused. I had planned on having lunch with RazerGuy like we did last year but a problem in scheduling messed this up. So when we got in we took a tour of the booth but all I really wanted to do was get my hands on the Fiona tablet that everyone was talking about. Look all the way to the bottom for the video ;)


titleThis year was our first visit with EVGA at CES so I wasn't sure what to expect when heading into the Wynn. But being such a community oriented company I figured they had to be cool people and we all know their product line is always interesting.


titleIt wouldn’t be CES without dropping in to see what Trendnet has going on. Their support for our events has been amazing and their products rock solid. But the networking world is always moving. A quick run-through of their suite showed that.


titleEven though my schedule was packed full of meetings I did find the time to swing by both the Zotac suite and their booth on the showfloor. Between the two I had a chance to get a few sneak peeks at upcoming products and we also saw a few cool case mods that Zotac was showing off.


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