title4Corsair was the last meeting of the day for me on Wednesday. Meeting up with Robert the Technical Marketing guru over there he walked me through their booth at the Venetian. With only a couple of new things, but very good new things we got ourselves rolling. Read on to find out what's new with Corsair.

title3For the second meeting of the day it was a easy one. Being picked up at the hotel by the IOSafe group we headed up to the Las Vegas Country Club. Not knowing what to expect I opened my mind to anything. Boy was I in for big surprise.

crucialtitleCrucial brought me by to their meeting room for sit down discussion about some of their new products. From the entry level memory to the RAM for your next dream build they have it all. Also introduced was a RAM Cache SSD. Read on to see if these will tickle your fancy.


titleOne of our favorite trips every year at CES is always to the SteelSeries’s suite. I’m not sure if it’s going there to be made fun of by Celebrity Kim Rom or the products that keep bringing us back. This year I went solo to hide my tears and to hog all of the cool toys to play with to myself.'

thrusttitleIn the South Hall you really need a booth that stands out from the rest. Thrustmaster had no such problem. With the DJ spinning the tunes and the two LCD TV’s with racing games being played it sure caught my attention. 
titleWith OCZ in full SSD swing I headed over to their suite with JP for a walk through of whats coming in the next year. From their super speedy RevoDrives to the Octane Series of SSD's OCZ is sure to have what you need for your next PC upgrade. They also had a really genius idea about sleeving PSU cables.

titleVisited with Gigabyte for their press conference. Meet the Executives portion where we meet the vice presidents of the company and discussed the motherboard market here in the United States and International markets.

Today Gigabyte introduced 5 new boards to a small group of press, including LanOC, and everyone is excited about the previews to upcoming Ivy Bridge compatible boards.

tttitleMy week was packed so full that I went ahead and meet up with Thermaltake on Press Day. I made the trek up to their Suite to see what they had to offer. When we visited their offices a few months ago we heard about a few of their upcoming products and were excited to see if they would still be coming out.

inteltitleA little embarrassment from the Intel camp today. 


nvidiatitleThis afternoon I headed over to the Venetian Hotel and Casino with the DSLR and the GoPro in hand for the "Big" news from Big Green! While we weren't expecting any huge news, it is always fun to see what Nvidia has to offer in the coming year. We know about Kepler but with the newest AMD cards hitting the shelves yesterday would Nvidia drop the bomb that the new cards were coming out? 


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