Cooling and Noise

To put the Double Dissipation cooling to the test on the HD 7950 we put Furmark on under the 1080p benchmark. The actually benchmark result was considerably lower than what we saw with the HD 7907, but this overclocked card ran a lot cooler than its bigger brother. With temperatures reaching 68 degree’s during the benchmark it was actually really close to what we saw with the reference HD 7970. Without a reference HD 7950 it’s hard to say how this compares to the reference cooler this time around but considering Furmark is an extreme way to heat your card up I am confident that this overclocked card will never have to worry about overheating issues. What was even more impressive to me was the improvements XFX did with noise, a remapped fan profile made a world of difference in the noise output for the R7950, one of our complaints of the R7970. It’s not that the cooling can’t be loud, it can be and will be if you ramp it up to 100%. But when letting the card control the fan speed it does a good job of balancing cooling performance while keeping the noise down.

furmark wm


Posted: 01 Feb 2012 21:03 by THUMPer #22467
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Besides. NV is still 2 months out from releasing a card. No reason for AMD to back down.
Posted: 01 Feb 2012 21:00 by THUMPer #22466
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I dont know where the truth lies on this but I expected a reaction from Nvidia to the 7950 launch, most probably an announcement of the upcoming GPU's with a launch schedule, or simply a price cut.

The launch of 7950 is clearly a bigger threat to gtx580 than that of 7970. And this due to the fact it counters it at a lower price point with the added bonuses of 3gb ram and o/c Headroom.

The silence of Nvidia is deafening.

A pesimist would say that the company appears to be in a state of shock and denial.

Avoiding announcements for the products (while competition runs rampant) is clearly a demonstration of the product's immaturity.

Avoiding price cuts can be explained as a desperate effort to deny defeat in the performance sector, since there will be no swift replacement of the current products with new better performing ones. Thus the organization assumes, a "continue as usual stance", in order not to alert the stock markets, which would definitely be alerted if the current product line was devaluated with no obvious release schedule for a new "soon to come" GPU line.

Moreover if the info about Gtx 580 not being produced is true, a price cut could lead to supply problems and make the new product's absence even more visible.

IDk I'm bored. and I kind of agree with this dude.
Posted: 01 Feb 2012 19:26 by jj_Sky5000 #22465
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you convert to the Dark nvidia Side , if you do i will take you of the Fan boy list
Posted: 01 Feb 2012 19:14 by THUMPer #22464
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eh, idk what i'm going to do. ill wait for kepler and see what happens
Posted: 31 Jan 2012 21:46 by jj_Sky5000 #22447
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There is your new card Thumper, The one i dont you to hold off for. now get a 2nd mortgage and go get it.
Posted: 31 Jan 2012 21:01 by THUMPer #22446
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Posted: 31 Jan 2012 14:03 by Arxon #22442
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I like how in some of the tests this card beats the 7970
Posted: 31 Jan 2012 09:59 by garfi3ld #22440
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titleWith AMD’s new HD 7970’s rocking the boat slightly with both price and performance it’s about time we started to see the slow trickle of GPU’s that will fill in the rest of the HD 7000 series video cards. First on the list is the HD 7950, a card that a lot of people have been waiting for because of the high price of the HD 7970. There is no doubt that it’s not going to outperform the HD 7970, but how will this new card compare to the GTX 580? Today I’m not taking a look at a reference card, we have skipped directly to the XFX Double Dissipation Black Edition Overclocked version, similar in design to what we saw with their R7970.


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