title3For the second meeting of the day it was a easy one. Being picked up at the hotel by the IOSafe group we headed up to the Las Vegas Country Club. Not knowing what to expect I opened my mind to anything. Boy was I in for big surprise.

Written By: Skyler

Pictures By: Skyler

If you are not familiar with IOSafe they have some of the craziest external drives on the market. These things are built like tanks. I had seen them before but now I got to take a up close and personal look with them. Not only can you tell that they are very serious about making a quality product they also like to have some fun. Setup at the country club was a Tesla Coil. With the drive connected to a Mac using the Thunderbolt connection the CEO of IOSafe Rob made a quick document. He asked what we should put on it I was the last one and as you can see in the screenshot "Vote for was inserted.


Walking into the cage we setup our camera's and these are the shot that I took






With the drive getting "Shocked" with 1 million volts I was pretty sure the drive would take it but I still had my doubts. After Dr. Megavolt passed the drive through the cage back to Rob we plugged it in, the light turned on and the drive was up and running.

From what I have heard, in the past, these guys really go overboard on showing how tough their drives are. I don't have any doubts that you can literally beat the hell out of one on these things and still have it perform fine. The only question is, do you have data that is that mission critical that you can't lose it. If you answered yes, take a look at IOSafe.


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Author: Wingless92

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IOSafe article is live!
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