crucialtitleCrucial brought me by to their meeting room for sit down discussion about some of their new products. From the entry level memory to the RAM for your next dream build they have it all. Also introduced was a RAM Cache SSD. Read on to see if these will tickle your fancy.
Written By: Skyler
Pictures By: Skyler

With Crucial being a big name in the memory market I was sure that they were going to go over their 2012 RAM lineup, I wasn't let down. Jeremy talked me through their memory lineup. Starting out with the Ballistix Sport Series which offers entry level price with entry level performance but still a great look on it, it’s the RAM for people that don’t know what a BIOS is. Moving up to the Ballistix Tactical Series gets you a more substantial heat spreader, tighter timings, a slick black PCB and an XMP Profile. This is the RAM for the gamer/system builder. Stepping up into their Ballistix Elite Series rewards you with a enormous heat spreader, XMP Profile, black PCB and Crucial’s M.O.D utility that makes sure your RAM is running top notch and keeping an eye on the temps.
Also introduced was the Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache Solution. Robert walked me through this demo. What I took away from this product was this is the solution for the people that need “Fat” HDD’s but want the SSD speeds. With this Cache solution this will alleviate problems with needing bigger SSD’s. Power down your system, plug in the SATA cable, SATA power cable, run the Crucial software and blamo, your ready to rock. Over time the software will figure out what programs are being used most and load those on the Cache Drive. As you use different programs more or less if will move those on or off. One of the nice features is if down the road you wanted to switch to just a full SSD experience then backup your data, power down the system, connect the drives, install windows to the SSD and now you have a full SSD experience. It gives you a bit more flexibility down the road, and I think everyone agrees with, more options the better.


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Author: Wingless92

Posted: 12 Jan 2012 19:09 by tcolvinMI #22151
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For a consumer grade system, Im not sure that a hybrid makes a whole lot of sense, unless there is a price break somewhere between the cost of an SSD and the cost of an HDD. Seems to me like a hybrid drive like this would be like mid-level in performance, where you get the best from an SSD. Except in setups where there's a lot of I/O going on (database servers, massive program recompiles, render farms), then it would seem to me that a high performance sata drive (or even better, serial scsi, would be a preferred choice.

Cool technology nonetheless.
Posted: 12 Jan 2012 10:22 by Plague #22150
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cache SSD is interesting. not sure I would ever use that. but cool tech.
Posted: 12 Jan 2012 06:05 by Wingless92 #22140
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News from Crucial.

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