titleWith OCZ in full SSD swing I headed over to their suite with JP for a walk through of whats coming in the next year. From their super speedy RevoDrives to the Octane Series of SSD's OCZ is sure to have what you need for your next PC upgrade. They also had a really genius idea about sleeving PSU cables.
Written By: Skyler
Pictures By: Skyler

Lets start off with the simple stuff, the Revo Drive line. Yes, they are still making their stupidly fast PCI based SSD’s and with their upcoming R5 is going to improve on their R4 in many ways. First off it's the worlds first PCI Express Gen 3 x16 SSD. Looking for storage? How about 12TB of flash? And if your worried about what kind of flash is available MLC, eMLC and SLC NAND is available.
Their traditional 2.5in SSD line has also seen a few upgrades. Along with more SATA3 support they are also upping the ante with lager configurations along with Indilinx and Sandforce controllers depending on what model you buy. More options = better for the consumer.
They also showed off a pretty sweet Fatal1ty 1000w PSU that already had the custom sleeving installed. So no more ripping apart your PSU trying to install sleeving then voiding your warranty and really being up a creek.

 From custom PCI based SSD's to your SATA SSD's, OCZ has your storage solutions covered. Along with their custom sleeved 1000w PSU you should keep your eye on them this year.

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