titleWith today’s smartphones costing up to $600 bucks to replace without insurance it’s amazing that we all just throw them around without a worry in the world. It doesn’t help that manufactures are using large glass panels on the full touch smart phones making them even more susceptible to breakage. That’s where company’s like Seidio come in. Seidio manufactures cases and accessories for popular phones. Today I have the chance to put their Innocase II Surface Combo to the test on the HTC Incredible.

titleWith 14 other notebook cooling solutions just posted up here on LanOC Reviews currently and more coming, there is no question that the notebook accessory market is growing quickly. Even with so many notebook coolers on the market, it’s still rare to find many that are made specifically for the gaming crowd. NZXT did just that with their Cryo S cooler for 10-15 inch laptops. Let’s take a closer look at it

frontYet another lesson I learned thanks to my laptop in CES was the task of flying with it. I had heard enough stories that carrying-on my notebook was a necessity, and after seeing our luggage return, I'm glad I did. I stored my laptop amidst the rest of my carry-on items, an assortment of notepads, gum, and a few magazines. With January in Ohio usually consisting of blizzards, I was also wearing a coat and boots. Needless to say, securing myself through the airport checkpoint took a little longer than it should have. In my ultimate quest to better prepare myself for CES this year, I jumped at the opportunity to test out CODi's checkpoint-friendly laptop backpack.
103_1572_lanocfront_watermarkPrior to the latest entry in Thermaltake's notebook cooling line, widescreen users were capped at a restrictive 15". That limit is expanded to 17" with their latest line, the massive 23cm fan (get it?) occupying half of the total surface area of models. With a CPU cooler from the same company keeping my main rig's temperatures down and a hungry widescreen gaming laptop, I'm anxious to put this new product to the test. Today, Thermaltake has provided us with a sample to do just that.

frontToting my 17" laptop around the CES showfloor for half a day was enough to sell me on the idea of netbooks. I was certainly envious of Wes' ability to open his 10.1" EeePC during conferences, disregard any fear of a low battery, and pack it away at a moments notice. The Choiix Easy Fit Netbook Sleeve wihtout a doubt contributed to the practicality, protecting his investment and adding a few pockets to store essentials. I purchased my EeePC earlier this summer with the same idea in mind, but made a grave mistake: I chose a 12" screen. A definite perk in every other aspect, but too large to fit in the Easy Fit Sleeve. I was pleasantly surprised to learn Choiix had another entry to their notebook sleeve line, one that fit up to 14" models.
100_3699_lanocfront_watermarkPortability is perhaps the most influential idea when deciding to purchase a notebook, but rarely do we consider how true the power adapter is to that trait. Often times we find the brick-like burden taking up more collective space than the system itself. When one considers the additional weight, this necessary evil severaly limits the convenience factor. In their crusade to better the notebook users' experience, Cooler Master has set their sights on this common enemy with the USNA 95, and today we recruit the adapter to our frontlines.

front_1Fresh out of the testing for the CM Storm Inferno, Senior Editor Wes was enlightened to the need of a cooling solution for his newly purchased 18.4" gaming laptop. His plight isn't an uncommon one: gaming notebook users often find standard coolers insufficient, especially for widescreen models. When we heard the Storm line was introducing a laptop cooler designed to fill that very void, Wes jumped at the opportunity. You may ask yourself why he isn't writing this article; he's too busy playing an uninterrupted game of Civilization V. Thanks Cooler Master!

100_3659_lanocfront_watermarkConvenience is a large deciding factor when it comes to a laptop purchase, so it only makes sense that a company would want to appeal to that notion when designing accessories for one. A great way to tackle this challenge is to improve upon a restriction or set-back, which is exemplified by a cooler's ability to reduce the high heat factor in a notebook. Today we look at the NC2500Plus, a cooler that has set out to do just that and fulfil another demand that laptop users often run into.


A while back, we had the opportunity to review the Notepal U2, a simple laptop cooling base constructed of light aluminum. One of the most appealing features of the cooler was the unique adjustable fan system, which was effective and convenient to use. On my desk now sits the U3, the former's larger brother designed for widescreen models, which is perfect for a gaming notebook such as mine.

100_3579_lanoc_front_lanoc_watermarkWith the flood of high-performance gaming mice on the market today, each contending with a myriad of features designed to provide the greatest aid in performance, it's easy to underestimate just about anything else. This reviewer, one who often games on a laptop in a recliner, using the nearest lamp stand as a mouse surface, can appreciate all the factors that create a good experience with a smaller factor wireless mouse. Today I kick back with Choiix's newest entry, the Cruiser, to see how it stacks up.

palm_plus1Palm is a company determined to bring the power of mobile devices to the consumers, but also have a specific way of doing so. Focused on providing the best way interface for the use of their products, working with user instincts has been a goal of their latest projects, as seen in the Palm Pre and Pixi. Today, we have received a sample of each of the new Palm Plus line, including both the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.


mkgotg1_copyBeing on both the host and attendee side of numerous LAN parties, portability becomes just as important as power. That conundrum, paired with being a full-time student, prompted me to purchase a custom built gaming laptop. My editor, however, took a different route, building a miniature 'LAN rig' the size of a lunchbox. That's when our testing lights flicked on: which is the better solution?

choiix_comfortlapdesk_7Cooler Master is well-known for their Notepal line of notebook cooling options, a family of products most of which we've had the pleasure of reviewing. Furthering their coverage of mobile computers, the Choiix brand from CM offers several new designs including cooler, sleeves, and mice that focus on portability as well as comfortability. Today I sit down with such a hybrid, the Comforter Lapdesk.

002_lanoc_front_lanoc_watermarkThe notebook cooling market has lately been flooded with makes and models, each attempting to tackle the heat issue that often comes with portable computers, especially in those used for gaming. Antec sent us out their Notebook Cooler To Go, which is designed as you may have guess to be portable. Having reviewed similar products in the past, that portability is often acquired through the sacrifice of performance. Given Antec's reputation for effciency, I was anxious to see how the Cooler To Go stacked up against not only it's similar-sized competition but also the bulkier models that are often required for higher cooling rates.

025_lanoc_front_lanoc_watermarkThe NotePal laptop cooling line from Cooler Master has several options in it's arsenal, many (if not all) that we've had the pleasure of reviewing. However, when we saw their latest addition to the series at CES 2010, we we're anxious to get our hands on it. The ErgoStand boasts many of the features that have made past models so popular, and sports some great new additions of it's own. Fresh to the market, today I sit down with a sample to put to the test.

dec_058front_lanoc_Cooling is essential to any computer and has become even more vital for those users running higher-end laptop models, such as gamers. The nature of the notebook is a hot one, and putting extra hardware and stress in little spaces only adds to the problem. We've reviewed many laptop coolers in the past, each with their own tactic to tackle a common enemy (heat). The weapon of choice has always been fans, ranging in size, quantity, and speed. That is, until now. VIZO has introduced a new, fanless tactic to the arsenal of laptop cooling, and sent us a sample to try for ourselves.

rev1_034_LanOC_frontCompanies have been trying to produce the perfect laptop cooler for years, trying to cover all range of sizes and focusing on unique hot spots of the laptop models. This is near impossible with one set mold, or at the very least spreads each aspect so thin it hardly does any good. However The people over at VIZO weren't satisfied with one specific mold. They decided that the best way to satisfy each individual user was to let the user decide their own measurements and fan placements, to meet their own unique cooling needs. The result is the Ninja HS, and VIZO has sent us a sample to try for ourselves.


It's often something we don't think about until we need it the most: a new notebook power adapter. Your laptop manufacture sent one with the computer, and its been great. But there are many reasons to consider picking up a spare and even more if you're a regular LAN attendee. These underestimated pieces of hardware can save you from a catastrophically epic fail. Great for gaming, work, or leisure an extra notebook adapter can even make you the savior of someone elses good time. However you look at, an extra adapter can never hurt. In fact, the one you pick up may end up out performing the adapter your laptop manufacturer sent. FSP Group has sent us a sample: the NB S90, with that exact goal in mind.


I had the chance to take a look at Otterbox's Defender case for the BlackBerry Storm a few months ago. I was impressed with OtterBox's durability but did have a short list of issues. As it turns out they just released a new BlackBerry Storm case called the Commuter. From looking at the PR on the case it looks like they addressed the issues I had with the Defender. Because of that I was excited to put my Defender away and give the Commuter a try.

IMG_5877_lrNo its not U2's newest album, but it is a new product from a brand we know and trust. Today I will be taking a look at the NotePal U2 notebook cooler from our friends over at Cooler Master. Lets find out how it compares to the countless other notebook coolers on the market, from past experiences with their notebook coolers we know not to expect anything but the best.


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