titleWhen it comes to protecting mobile devices, many people immediately start thinking about cases and how to protect their phone from bumps, bruises and drops. Something that a lot of people don’t think about is how to protect their phone from scrapes and scratches. There are many screen protectors out there that claim one size fits all, or that you can easily cut your own, but this is simply not the case. Each phone has its own unique elements that make using a generic screen protector difficult or plain impossible. Seidio has sent over some of their Ultimate Screen Guards for the Nexus 4 for us to take a look at so let’s get started!

titleEveryone has jumped into the tablet market hoping to get a small piece of the market share. But when it comes down to it, there are only a few companies that people really even think of or consider when shopping for a tablet. On that short list of android tablets you have Samsung, Asus and Google. Samsung specifically has been putting up a big fight with Apple on all fronts of the mobile market recently. Today we are going to take a look at their Galaxy Note 10.1 with 4G from Verizon. Not only am I interested in checking out the tablet itself, but I am also curious what it’s like not having to jump from hotspot to hotspot with my tablet.

titleWhen it comes to protecting our phones there are plenty of options. There are tons of different cases from tons of different manufacturers.  Cases ranging from extreme protection to very minimal, with a range of different bells and whistles to a case that is plain Jane.  This time around we are going to look at the Surface from Seidio. The Surface is a simple case with a metal kickstand on the back for angled viewing. Join me as I compare it to the Palette from Poetic as well as look at the new and different features it has.

titleI finally got with the times and bought a smart phone, being that I wanted to go with straight talk; the Google Nexus 4 seemed like the logical choice. The next decision I needed to make was what case I wanted. I took a look at the recent reviews Wes had written for different Poetic to see if they might have a case I would want. I expressed interest in their cases to Wes and he said he had another one lying around the office that needed to be looked at. So let’s take a look at the next case in the Poetic lineup, the Palette.

titleWhen it comes to the craziness that is CES, you see so many interesting devices, accessories, and gadgets that it sometimes takes a little while for it to sink in. We had a chance to take a look at a new adapter for the Nexus 4 while we were there, the Analogix SlimPort adapter SP1002. Their demo was a Bluetooth game controller tied to a Nexus 4 playing a game with the SlimPort cable pushing the signal to a TV. It wasn’t until later after they had given us a sample to check out that I realized that a SlimPort cable, controller, and a Nexus 4 could give me something to do while trapped in a hotel next time I am traveling.  

titleWhen it comes to productivity while on the go, everyone is trying to get just a little bit of the growing mobile market both on the smartphone and tablet front. The problem is that not everyone can or even wants to carry around multiple devices to meet their mobile needs such as reading, writing and playing games. there is a huge growth in the mobile games market, especially in mobile slots. click here for more details. That is where Samsung jumped in with its Galaxy Note; its large size falls right in between a small tablet and a large phone. The Note wasn’t the first device to do this; Dell did have their Streak, but the Note was the first to do it and be successful. We recently had the chance to put the latest version, the Note 2, to the test. Is it ready for prime time?

titleBeing in the dead of winter it might be a good idea to take a look at your winter wear. Going over your items now will save your butt from freezing outside when the temps really start to drop. With mobile getting bigger and taking more of our lives every day we need to access them at any time, day, night, cold, hot. Whatever the weather might be we rely on our phones so much these days that they are a part of our lives. That being said, what about when it’s really cold outside? Say 0 degrees? You still need access to your phone. NewerTechnology sent over a set of their NuTouch Gloves for us to try out. Did they actually work? Are they worth the money? We are about to find out. 

titleRecently I took a look at the Poetic Borderline Bumper for the Nexus 4, I was impressed with some of its features and found it to be an amazing value when compared to the LG/Google official bumper. Of course it wasn’t perfect, and I didn’t feel like it would do much to protect my easily damaged Nexus 4. So I was excited just a few days later to get in the second Poetic case that I had ordered, this time around a full case, not a bumper. Today I’m going to talk about my experience with the Poetic Atmosphere for the Nexus 4 and put it to the test against two bumpers and one other case to see what is the best case for your new Google Experience phone. My Atmosphere came in just in time for CES, perfect timing and a great way to put the case to the test.


titleWith a lot of people still waiting for their Google Nexus 4 to come in the demand for cases is only starting to grow. A lot of owners have been limited to TPU cases available on amazon and on Ebay or if they are lucky the LG bumper that is perpetually out of stock on the Google store. We just so happen to have in our hands the newest bumper on the market for the Nexus 4, the Poetic Borderline Bumper. It’s so new that it’s still not listed on their website, but we were able to preorder one about a month ago and it finally came in (sooner than promised to boot).  Today we are going to take a quick look at the case and compare it to the official bumper that we have been using on our Nexus 4.

titleAlthough a lot of us are mainly desktop gamers, there will always be a need for being able to compute on the go. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone on a trip and lost their power adapter for their laptop, or just had it damaged over time. Some laptops have fairly low power requirements, but a quick glance on the Asus website for example shows laptops having various power requirements from below 65 all the way up to 150 on their highest models. When looking for a replacement notebook power adapter, it’s always a plus when you are able to pick one up that you might be able to use on future devices as well as it having the power to charge your current laptop. Cooler Master has had their NA 65 and NA 90 models, but anything above 90 and you were out of luck. Today they are introducing their NA 120, their highest capacity to date. We are going to take a look and see what we think.

titleThe list of different Android based phones available at any time is both overwhelming and frustrating. It’s almost impossible to get good feedback from friends who have the same phone because of this. So it’s rare than you have any one phone that manages to stand out. Doing something different is the only way to do this normally, but most times this ends off coming off as gimmicky or just lame. When Motorola introduced the Droid Razr Maxx it caught my attention right away. This was just before our trip out to San Francisco for the GTX 680 Editors day, what a better way to put the Maxx’s proposed batter life to the test!

stand frontTablets are all the rage these days. If you don’t have one, someone you know certainly does. At my house we didn’t until I recently purchased an iPad 2 for my wife. Now a lot of the cases we see fold back and will help prop the screen up slightly, but really that just works for a landscape view. A dedicated stand would be a bit more flexible here. Cooler Master has a product meant to address that issue. Enter the Cooler Master Wave Stand.


case frontFinally decided to drop the cash on an iPad 2 or The New Ipad (ipad 3) did you? Well if you made the investment you are going to want to protect it. When I bought my wife an iPad a couple of weeks ago, the first thing I went looking for was a case. Cooler Master presented the opportunity to review their Choiix branded “Wake Up Folio” which would provide the iPad something in the way of protection. The Wake Up Folio comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


powerfortheaderExtended batteries. When I mention those two words, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Does anything even come to mind for you? Well, to most people that I talk to about getting an extended battery for their phone or other mobile device they just respond with “I will just make sure that I plug it in every day.” But what if you use your device all-day, every day, and you find yourself on a long flight across the Pacific? What if you are just too lazy to plug your phone in every night? Well, the Power Fort is a device that claims to be the savior of those moments. But how does it hold up in testing? Let’s find out!

titleWhen I picked up an 18.4 inch laptop I knew that I would deal with problems while traveling due to its size. What I didn’t expect was to have as much trouble finding laptop bags. While at CES last year I was visiting a company we had seen the year before called Everki and noticed that they had a whole selection of 18.4 inch laptop bags. With CES coming up soon I finally set aside the time to get in touch and give one a try. Maybe their Advance Laptop Bag for 18.4 inch laptops would make traveling a little more convenient for me in the future.

titleEarlier this year, HTC and Microsoft released a Windows Phone 7 device on Verizon Wireless.  Called the Trophy, this is the one and only phone presently on Verizon sporting the Windows Phone 7 interface.  With all the hype about "Windows 8" and the new user interface for that, I thought this would be an appropriate time to review not only the interface but the phone, and render a verdict on whether or not it is competition for iOS and Android.

frontToday we are going to take a look at Cooler Masters new Notepal U Stand. It’s similar in design to a few of their previous models, but with the stand functionality paired up with the Notepal’s adjustability it has the potential to be great product. Rather than do the same-ol laptop cooler review, our new writer JD will be taking a look at the Notepal U Stand. JD will be covering the Notepal U Stand from a consumer point of view rather our typical technical perspective. Combined with the Notepal U Stand’s features it should make for a good read, click to find out how it turned out.

frontLaptop cooling products are something we have seen more and more of on the market.  You can usually find something designed for your purpose just by looking around.  You might be going for cooling, comfort, or some combination of the two.  The Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim aims for the cooling side of things with an emphasis on being compact and portable.

frontRecently we reviewed a few items from Arctic Cooling that help gamers stay cool under pressure. A gamer won't get the opportunity though if their rig can't do the same. You don't have to have a top-of-the-line gaming laptop to worry about its temps; the nature of all that hardware in such a little space is cause enough to create concerns. Arctic Cooling has also has a solution for your mobile computing companion, and today we sit down with the notebook cooler to put it to the gamer's test.

titleVerizon and other carriers may subsidize your initial phone purchase but you may not know that your fancy new DROID Incredible would cost you $529.99 to replace at retail price. That is a great reason to invest in a quality case to protect your new toy phone. Notice the key word, invest. A case can be far more than a way to decorate or distinguish your phone. OtterBox, a company we have seen before a few times, is known for their ultra-durable cases. When you’re talking about protecting a $500+ portable computer you want the best right? We are going to take a look at their Commuter Series case for the Incredible, let’s jump in.


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