titleAsk a room full of gamers what the most important piece of equipment is in their build and you're likely to end up with a long list of internal components. Video cards, processors, ram, SSD, etc. What you will likely never hear is that the mouse is the most important piece of equipment. Now, before you get all out of shape, I don't think the mouse is really the most important. But, it deserves a spot on the list of things that are somewhat important. After all, for nearly every moment that we spend gaming, we do so with our hand firmly attached to our mouse. The mouse is our direct line of input to our character on the screen. How our mouse performs affects how we perform in the game. Which is why, in recent years, there has been a bit of a deluge of new gaming mice to hit the market. The one we're looking at today is a budget gaming mouse from Cooler Master's Storm line called the Xornet.

titleSome of you may remember my review of the DAS keyboard over a year ago. For almost 20 months we have had the keyboard in the office. For that same amount of time we have seen what a clicky keyboard can do to your coworker’s sanity when used regularly. Because of that I was ecstatic when DAS said they would send over their Silent model. But I was a little concerned that going silent would take away some of the features we loved the most about the DAS keyboard. We are going to put the DAS Model S Pro Silent through its paces, and while we are at it we may put the two keyboards head to head on video to compare their noise levels.

frontEven as early as the name, SteelSeries knows how to appeal to MMO addicts such as myself. Sure, 'Legendary' sounds desirable, but what attracts me is the color of the font. It's not a phenomena restricted to the massive-multi genre, either; anyone who has scrambled for a green set item in Diablo 2 shares the same rush that raiders do when they roll for legendary loot. SteelSeries has dropped a Legendary Edition MMO Gaming Mouse, let's roll to see if it's a Need, Greed, or Pass. Ether way you will find us testing it out in a game of Battlestar Galactica online.

titleThere is an influx of gaming-orientated mechanical keyboards hitting the market this year. It’s great to see that more people are finally enjoying gaming on mechanical switches as I have been for the past year and a half with our DAS Keyboard. With that in mind I was starting to get a little jealous of some of the other models with their backlighting and gaming specific features. In order to give our keyboard a small makeover we contacted DAS about their WASD Key Sets. Today I am going to show you how quick and easy it can be to give your DAS keyboard a little gaming style without breaking the bank.

titleMechanical keyboards seem to be all the rage recently with almost every manufacture introducing them. SteelSeries has actually been in the mechanical keyboard market for a few years now with their 7G. To compete with all of the competition they did however introduce a model without a few of the 7G’s features like audio ports to lower the cost, which would be the 6Gv2. Priced a little more in line with the competition, SteelSeries’s 6Gv2 is hoping to show that you don’t need a keyboard that glows when the lights are out to game.

titleOne of, if not the best mouse to come through our doors was the SteelSeries Xai. Steel Series isn’t a company that normally just pumps out new products unless there is a need. But how do you follow up with a perfectly balanced, no frills gaming mouse with such a good reputation? For starters you try to keep it as close to the original while still improving it. When Steel Series sent out the PR for the Sensei last month I was a little skeptical but still excited to see how they could improve on the Xai. With it finally in my hands I can’t wait to dive into the details!

frontRegardless of what type of user you may be, comfort is a concern we all share.  It can help productivity, responsiveness, and even play a major role in the longevity and health of our body. Microsoft is no stranger to pioneering innovative designs for peripherals that are better suited for comfort and ergonomics. One such example is the curve design featured in the keyboard we will be looking at today.

front_1In the moments before I sat down in the office to write this review, Wes and I wrestled with the web of cords that we hide behind the monitor. Given the opportunity, I think any user would jump on the chance to eliminate even one from that mess. Attractive of a thought as that is, wireless peripherals aren't always the friendliest, in cost or performance. We visited Gigabyte's Ghost engine last year with the M8000Xtreme, and today we sit down with the newest addition, one that is designed to cut down the clutter of cables.

frontThe Razer Nostromo is an intriguing piece of hardware. The name may sound familiar to some enthusiasts who remember the n52te 'speedpad' from Belkin, which is pretty much an identical piece to what we are reviewing today. That product was collaboration between the two companies, and Razer has adopted and given new life to the keypad known as the Nostromo. This lucky peripheral has the pleasure of being tested by two of our contributors, one a keypad newbie and the other a Logitech G13 junkie.

frontIf years of playing MMO's and dungeon crawlers have taught me anything, it's that the world is always a better place when you've got the full set. While I probably won't get a 40% better chance of getting a magic item, having a keyboard and mouse that match looks great. Earlier this week we took a look at the Challenger Pro from Tt's new eSports line, and today I looted the UPS box to find its partner, the Black Gaming Mouse.

frontThermaltake isn’t a new name in the world of PC gaming, the brand well-known for keeping our systems cool and stable when under the load of increasingly stressful titles. Recently, Tt extended their product line into the gaming peripheral industry with a partnership with World Cyber Games, creating a family of keyboards and mice for professional use. 

frontFresh out of E3 and a release date finally announced, the brawl between Call of Duty and Battlefield is approaching rapidly. The two titles seem similar, but true fans know they are almost as different as white and black. The same can be said about Razer's new gaming surface line, the Goliathus. One built for speed and one built for control, the story begins to sound very similar to the formerly mentioned FPS struggle. With a four pack of Red Bull and a Speed Edition Goliathus surface, I'm ready to get my twitch on.

titleTo some a mousepad is just a mousepad, to others (like me) the subtle differences between every pad make all of the difference. When trying to keep your gaming environment consistent when traveling or at LAN parties, that’s where companies like Razer come in. Their Destructor is to this day one of my favorite pads, both my wife and I use them and I keep one packed away with my gaming laptop for traveling. Razer introduced their Ironclad as a rock-solid hard mouse pad for someone looking for a pad that should last through World War 3 for a little post-apocalyptic gaming in between the waves of zombies.

frontThe original Zboard by Ideazon was, for better or for worse, the first gaming keyboard I ever owned. Because of this, it will always hold a special, biased place in my heart. About two years later, I had become more engrossed in the world of PC gaming, and found myself a pretty big fan of SteelSeries, who built quality equipment for professional gamers, a field which I'm a huge proponent of. I think I literally squealed in joy when I read the press release stating that SS was going to be redesigning the Zboard (which is why my fiancée’s parents didn't invite me to Easter dinner this year). Today we look at the Shift to see if it lives up to the standard SteelSeries has set.

titleWhen Razer introduced their MMO-focused Naga, the telephone-reminiscent side buttons were the butt of a few jokes, yet some hardcore MMO fans saw the potential. At CES last year we had a chance to get a hands on with the Naga and I was pleasantly surprised. When Razer introduced a special edition of the Naga with the Razer logo busting out of glowing molten hot lava I had to finally get one here at the office to take a look at. Will it be hot like the design implies? Or will it fizzle out like some of the other MMO mice.

frontGaming mice are quickly approaching the point in which a unique look is in itself a cliché. Visual appeal was once a new, exciting feature that attracted the attention of the demanding gaming crowd. It has become so standard today that sometimes functionality is sacrificed for a novelty design. The Spawn was on display for us this year at CES, a unique device that did, indeed, catch our eye. Does it fall victim to vanity, or prove its value in one of the harshest gaming genres?

front_1This rodent from a faraway galaxy appears to be the little brother to the Naos 5000. LanOC reviewed the Moinix Naos 5000 a few months ago, and got high remarks. Presumably Mionix released this mouse to cut cost for the common gamer. Taking out the weight system and changing the 5000 DPI laser eye to a 3200 DPI LED-optical eye. Let us see how the Naos 3200 stacks up to its big brother.

mainContent to use what came with their computer or a cheap off-brand that they picked up from the local box store, most people don't realize how much better using a good quality mouse and pad is. As gamers, most of us understand that those mice don't cut the mustard when it comes to quick movement and spot on tracking. With all the companies out there are vying for your money, it's hard to decide which to buy. The guys over at QPAD, confident that their products are the best, sent me their newest gaming mouse and pad to take a look at. Let's see if they really are as good as they say they are.

titleA while back, I took a look at a gaming mouse from Cooler Master called the Sentinel. Still to this day I get messages on YouTube asking how I made the video of the Sentinel’s rapid fire. At CES this past year in Cooler Masters' suite, they pulled Adam and I into a side room during our product tour and asked us to put down our cameras for confidential reasons. In that room they showed off a prototype of a new mouse called the Inferno, today finally I have the chance to take a closer look at the Storm Inferno.

 IMG_2423_PreviewAnytime input is provided to a computer, the human element is involved. This is most notable with the mouse. Every person is different, and so comes many different ways to control your cursor. Some simply think that this is the jurisdiction of the mouse itself, but since when do humans operate with DPI? You don’t go to your barber and have them cut your hair to the precise millimeter, do you? You want style, you want what’s fresh, and you want it to WORK FOR YOU! Jump into the article to take an in-depth read on three different styles of an under-appreciated aspect of your desktop, the mouse pad. Oh, and did I mention, STARCRAFT II?!?


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