While we’ve been focusing mostly on MSI’s latest offerings in the motherboard and video card departments they’ve stayed busy filling out a fairly robust peripheral lineup. Many would consider a mouse pad to be the least exciting of the roster, but I’m blessed with just enough obsessiveness to be concerned with how a mouse pad feels, fits, and performs. We recently received the ThunderStorm from MSI, a reversible aluminum mouse pad designed with quality in mind. I’ve spent some time with the surface both at home and on the road to see if it hits the mark.

Product Name: MSI ThunderStorm Aluminum Gaming Mousepad

Review Sample Provided by: MSI

Written by: Adam

Pictures by: Adam

Amazon Link: HERE




Anodized Aluminum Surface+ Hard Plastic polymer Surface

Package Contents

Thunderstorm Aluminum Gaming Mousepad

Anti-Microbial Cleaning Cloth

Nitoflon Adhesive Tape


386 g / 0.85lbs

Dimension (mm)

) 320mm(Length) x 225mm(Width) x 2mm(Height)

Cable Length





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