With RGB mechanical keyboards being the latest bandwagon that most manufactures are jumping on I have been keeping an eye out for RGB keyboards that are a little different. One that stood out to me was the RGB80 from Rosewill. Rosewill’s history in the mechanical keyboard market is actually better than you might think. They have had good boards are great prices. The RGB80 is of course an RGB keyboard but unlike the others it is only available in a TKL (TenKeyLess) version. The LAN attendee in me is reminded each time I see or use a TKL keyboard that they help same room at and when packing for LANs. Will the RGB80 be the next big LAN keyboard? Let’s find out.

Product Name: Rosewill RGB80

Review Sample Provided by: Rosewill

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes



Model Number





Mechanical Keyboard



Normal Keys


Key Switch

Blue Switch

Keyboard Dimensions

5.3(L) X 14.6(W) X 1.1(H) inches



Operating System Supported

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8

Package Contents

1 x RGB80 Mechanical Keyboard

1 x User Manual

1 x Installation Disk

1 x Key Puller

10 x Gaming keys (QWEASD and arrow keys)


1 Year


Posted: 04 Dec 2014 20:44 by garfi3ld #35942
garfi3ld's Avatar
this is on sale for 79.99 today making it a great deal!
Posted: 03 Dec 2014 18:19 by garfi3ld #35938
garfi3ld's Avatar
Although I've been fighting off some sort of cold, I did find the time to check out this RGB TKL keyboard from Rosewill. Enjoy!

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