Intel's new Core i5 661 processor combines graphics controller, memory controller, PCI-Express interface and a Dual Core all inside one compact processor package. Utilizing Intel's latest 32 nm process there is quite some added potential for power saving and overclocking, but is the integrated chipset up to the task too?

Network attached storage can offer all sorts of advantages over regular external hard drives. For starters, you have the ability to easily access its stored data on any computer that is connected to your home network. Thanks to configurations that allow for multiple hard drives, you can also added capacity, as well as data redundancy in case something should go awry.

A Futurelooks News Flash - Thecus N0503 ComboNAS Enclosure Review

Today the first part of a RoundUp series stands on the program. The 120-mm-Lüfter makes the beginning, from which we test altogether 25 different copies in two comparisons extensively. Alphapetisch are sorted in first of the two Roundups representatives by Arctic Cooling, Coolink, Cooltek, Easy new facts, Enermax, Gelid Solutions, Nanoxia, Noctua and Noiseblocker. How the first 15 candidates in our Testparcour strike themselves, experience you on the following pages.

120-mm-Lüfter RoundUp V3.0

A lot of excitement and mystery has surrounded Nvidia’s Fermi. What are its specs going to be? Will it beat the reigning single core graphics performance king, the 5870? Well as of today some of that mystery has been revealed; Nvidia officially lifted the Non-Disclosure

Nvidia GF100 Fermi specs and preliminary benchmarks revealed @

"With the Gladiator 600 chassis, Cooler Master has a very nice addition to their mid range, mid tower product line. They've managed to incorporate a great looking exterior with good cooling and a functional interior for a cost of around $70 US. Getting a case to market with these features at this pricepoint is no mean feat, and involves some compromises, but I like what Cooler Master chose to compromise on to cut costs with this chassis."

Cooler Master Gladiator 600 Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews

Webcams are rapidly becoming a very popular item. In fact, webcams were one of the most popular electronic items purchased for the 2009 holiday season. Microsoft has long been a competitor when it comes to webcams and with the release of the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam H5D-00001 they may have placed themselves on top of the market. With Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and even Google Video Chat becoming communications tools that are an easy and fun way to stay in contact with our friends and families, people are beginning to expect more from their webcams. The blurry, choppy video that doesn't match up with the audio is a thing of the past. Now Microsoft is introducing HD Video to the mix, offering high definition resolutions up to 720p with their new LifeCam Cinema. In this article Benchmark Reviews takes a detailed look at the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema in order to bring you the latest information on the newest webcam technologies.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD-Webcam @ Benchmark Reviews

SteelSeries' all new optical gaming mouse is put to the test. The Kinzu mouse features the latest generation optical sensor, but can it even begin to compete with the new generation of laser sensor powered mice? We put the mouse to the test and see how well it fair against more modern offerings.

SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Gaming Mouse @ techPowerUp
Aliph, creator of the market-leading Jawbone Bluetooth headset, today introduced Jawbone ICON, its most sophisticated product to date and the world’s first intelligent Bluetooth headset. Jawbone ICON brings new meaning to the term ‘wearable technology’ by enabling users to select iconic voices that speak into the user’s ear; providing information such as remaining battery power, caller ID and more - using the all-new MyTALK platform currently in private beta at   Jawbone ICON is available in six unique designs with elegant, jewelry-like finishes that match the personas that they embody. Jawbone ICON features several audio advancements as well as upgrades to its wind-cancellation and battlefield-tested NoiseAssassin technology. Jawbone ICON retails for just $99.99

Hyperthreads, multi-core, full load, and stability are just a few of the words and phrases that accompany today’s most powerful Intel Core i7 and AMD Phenom II Processors. These chips are calculating and execution monsters that are capable of crashing through every performance record. However, you’re not going to smash through any records if you connect some sheepish power supply to your new state of the art ninja killing system. That’s why you’ll need a very formidable PSU like the Corsair HX750W Professional Series ATX Power Supply. Let’s check this beast out!

A Futurelooks News Flash - Corsair HX750W Professional Series ATX Power Supply Review

It has taken a bit longer than we all had hoped, but last week, NVIDIA gathered members of press together to dive deep into its upcoming Fermi architecture, where it divulged all the features that are set to give AMD a run for its money. In addition, the company also discussed PhysX, GPU Compute, developer relations and a lot more.

Taking a Deep Look at NVIDIA's Fermi Architecture @ Techgage

With a Big Bang we Maximus test a few SuperComputer motherboards based around the P55 chipset for our next LanParty rig. Compared to the previous 3 models this roundup provides you with in-depth test results of 7 Intel P55 mainboards from MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and DFI

Seven Intel P55 Motherboards Tested From Asus, DFI, MSI, Gigabyte @ Madshrimps

"With so many portable hard drives currently on the market, competition is fierce and consumers are always on the lookout for the best bang for the buck. The Xigmatek Lighter is a stylish, low cost option that easily stands out. Not only does it look like an actual lighter, it's not much larger than one and provides an impressive 60GB of storage that fits in your pocket."

Xigmatek Lighter 60Gb Portable Pocket Hard Drive Review @ Tweaknews

NVIDIA's latest GPU is codenamed GF100, and is the first graphics processor based on the Fermi architecture. In this article, Benchmark Reviews explains the technical architecture behind NVIDIA's GF100 graphics processor and offers an insight into upcoming Fermi-based GeForce video cards. For those who are not familiar, NVIDIA's GF100 GPU is their first graphics processor to support DirectX-11 hardware features such as tessellation and DirectCompute, while also adding heavy particle and turbulence effects. The GF100 GPU is also the successor to the GT200 graphics processor, which launched in the GeForce GTX 280 video card. NVIDIA has since redefined their focus, and GF100 proves a dedication towards next generation gaming effects such as raytracing, order-independent transp! arency, and fluid simulations. Rest assured, the new GF100 GPU is more powerful than the GT200 could ever be, and early results indicate a Fermi-based video card delivers far more than twice the gaming performance over a GeForce GTX-280.

NVIDIA GF100 GPU Fermi Graphics Architecture @ Benchmark Reviews

After months-long DirectX 11 extravaganza by AMD, it seems to be time when NVIDIA declares itself to have a competing GPU, based on its spanking-new Fermi GPU architecture. The GeForce Fermi 100 (GF100) is promising to take over the legacy built by its ancestors, the G80 and GT200, to become yet another monster high-performance silicon which will reignite competition in the upper-quadrant of the market. We look at what NVIDIA is putting on offer, before we get to test NVIDIA's assertions.

NVIDIA GeForce GF100 Architecture @ techPowerUp

"Have you been in a conference room with a projector on the table where you have unwanted shadows on the screen? Well, here is a solution that you just can't afford to miss. How about using a VGA extender and mounting the projector on the ceiling where you will have no interference."

StarTech VGA Wall Plate Video Extender over Cat5 with Audio Review @ Press Release


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