Continuing with their ongoing battle to enlighten gamers on the true causes of latency issues, Bigfoot Networks, developers of the widely popular Killer Technology network cards, had a few exciting announcements to share with us. The first was the unveiling of a free benchmark tool used and developed by BFN. The application runs in the background while you're in game, and record statistics such a latency and framerate, as well as a time stamp. This is useful when you notice a major flop during gameplay, you can exaime exactly what is was that caused it. This is the tool that technicians at BFN actually use, and the hope of making it public is to show people that it's often times a local problem with one's own equipment as opposed to common scapecoats such as ISPs.

This app is also compatible with alternate display screens, such as the LCD screens on the Logitech G13 and G19, so details and information can be displayed while in game!

The other exciting announcement was yet another successful side-by-side demonstration of a live game, featuring two computers running the exact same specifications, game, and server; the only difference was the presence of the Killer Xeno network card. You may remember the popular Team Fortress 2 demonstration not too long ago, this time BFN has partnered with Sony Online Entertainment and EverQuest.

For those who may not be familiar with Killer tehnology from Bigfoot Networks, your operating system is constantly under load during any process, and gaming only compounds it. Especially true during online gaming, the game is constantly being updated with information sent and received, and when left alone to the OS things can get jumbled and bogged down in a que line. The Killer technology helps to take the load of the OS, prioritizing packets of information specific to gaming and deals with them specifically, eliminating wait and increasing latency on the user end.

BFN Dashboard App

EverQuest Demo


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