titleEagle Tech has a wonderful line-up appearing for the 2013 year, with a new line of headphones, speakers, and keyboards making their way onto the market.

titleMy interest in technology stemmed from video games, so when surrounded by so many emerging electronics, its natural to seek out those that cater to the gamer within. The Consumer Electronic Show has plenty of technologies to whet appetites from countless industries, but the gaming audience has drawn a significant amount of attention. From the hardware you may be packing to LAN parties in the upcoming year to peripherals that will help you reach a new competitive level, I've scoured the show floor with the intent of bringing you a preview of what you may be gaming with, on, or as in 2013.

titleI was told our meeting at the Mandalay Bay would be something I’d find interest in. Though the suite had many products scattered about, the majority of our time with Swiftech would be spent with an all-in-one water cooling kit. With all of my rigs currently air cooled, it’s a fairly obvious entry point; but this isn’t a new concept. Gabriel Rouchon,  prepared an impressive demonstration of why the H220 stands out from the rest.

title2Some of you may not know it, because they are a little less known in the US, but Adata is the second largest manufacture of ram in the world. Because of that, when I went to visit their suite I was really curious what they had up their sleeves. As a manufacture of SSD’s Memory, and other flash products I wasn’t sure if they would be showing off new variations of the same old thing, or something new altogether. It ended up being something new altogether.

titleAmidst the craze of Pepcom Digital Experience, we managed to catch up with Zak Wood from Trendnet, exhibiting the company’s latest offerings. With 2013 the projected approval date for the 802.11ac standard, Trendnet is already taking advantage of the technology to dip into a higher threshold of wireless speed.

titleTablets, mini-PC’s, and All-in-One’s have been at many of the suites we visited this week, especially those who produce components to go within. There is no doubt this is a rising market, and it’s overlaps into the desktop realm as well, where small form factor builds are becoming more popular. Our tour began in a neighboring suite of the Venetian with Gigabyte’s offerings in the tablet realm.


titleNot everyone is so easily excited about new technologies as we are. To assume an attendee of the show is going to give every new external hard drive solution a chance is unfortunately unrealistic. Companies deploy many tactics to attract visitors to their booths, but when walking a convention center featuring more than 1,2000 exhibitors, choosing someone other than an exhausted engineer to show off your product can be the key to catching eyes. A little skin never hurt, either. 

titleSteelSeries, like many companies, released some teaser images just before CES and they did exactly as planned: got people talking. The Apex, the first non-mechanical keyboard released for a long time, was announced and quickly a lot of questions began to form. SteelSeries saw a busy 2012 with the launch of many new products, especially in the portable market, and we suspect that trend to continue.

titleWe just got back into our temperary office from Cooler Master’s CES party and I just wanted to share a couple photos. They did a small “fashion” show with their models showing off the goods (the goods being Cooler Master’s newest products pervs). While we stay up working on putting together more coverage for you guys/girls, you can click the read more here to see the photos.


frontBack in 2010, when we got our hands on the Momentus XT from Seagate, solid-state technology was an emerging, but expensive, technology. A hybrid drive that allowed a cache of flash memory and the capacity of mechanical drives allowed consumers to experience the vast improvements of SSD’s at a much lower entry price. Three years have given Seagate time to improve on this technology, and today I get a tour of what’s next with SSHD as they are now known, Seagate in general, and the recently acquired premium LaCie brand.


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